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Get Hyped by Teratophoneus
Get Hyped
oh yes, this is going the be a Jurassic World picture with the most prominent dinosaurs that were shown in the trailers.
The Hype is on, I cant wait for the movie to finally hit the theatres, dont care at all if the dinosaurs are accurate or not, this movie is gonna be fan-friggin-tastic!  Anyone else is hyped for JW?
Edestus giganteus by Teratophoneus
Edestus giganteus
Edestus the giant scissor tooth shark, a pretty big holopheclid eugeneodontid. Its teeth kept growin througout its life leading into a distinctive jaw shape. The teeth would eventually curl up as new and new teeth kept growing, giving it a really grotesque appearence.
This pic is a lot different from most edestus pics which usually shows him like a short nosed shark like animal or as a shark with a ridiculous curved up jaw, almost unable to close its mouth. I spent a lot time lookin st its teeth and to modern day chimaera which are its next living relatives. And then it came to me: the goblin shark, an ancient shark that still lives today with a distinctive protruding jaw. it also has a pretty chimaera like appearence with its long tail and rather primitve appearence. Thats why I gave edestus a similar appearence because I think it is actually quite plausible to be looking like this.

Turn out however that I wasnt the first one with that idea…
Zhuchengtyrannus magnus (updated) by Teratophoneus
Zhuchengtyrannus magnus (updated)
And here we have zhuchengtyrannus,the third biggest or second biggest tyrannosaurid known so far, a true monster theropod that lived in the late cretaceous in china. its very closely related to tyrannosaurus and Tarbosaurus.
You may notice that the teeth are not showing that much. There are a lot of pics lately that show theropods without their teeth showing when the mouth is closed and exploring the idea of lips and stuff. Well,personally I like my theropod with their teeth showing, they look more frightening that way. however, I decided to adopt the idea to some extent in this new pic of zhuchengtyrannus, making its teeth largely covered up but still showing a little bit.

Note:Updated the pic a bit. The left foot has been drawn a bit bigger, it was too small on the first one
I also expanded the skin pattern to the rest of the body and I made the tail a bit beefier
Parahelicoprion clerci by Teratophoneus
Parahelicoprion clerci
Well well, I said there wont be much art comin up the next days but it seems that drawing stuff really help me gettin over the death of my dog , and also, life has to go on for me. So here we have the next shark of the giatn shark series, and this time a true monster of a shark, Parahelicoprion. This shark lived before the dinosaurs and was a true monster. If its body structure was like in this pic it was around 12 metres long-and this is way before otodus and the carcharocles species! parahelicoprion was related to helicoprion and also had  a very special dentition. its teeth were huge and unlike helicoprion which was probably a fish and squid hunter, Parahelicoprion with its treendous size could prbably go after much bigger fish or whatever big swam the oceans of that time. It was an eugenodontid, so it is related to our modern day chimaeras. I have heared several opinions of the body shape of this creatuer, it was once thought to be 30 metes long!!! But that was based on it having an eels like body which it probably didnt have, most pics depict it as a shark like animal and that what i did too. however , unlie in most pics, I made the lower jaw much shorter  and more similar to its relative helicoprion. I´ve gone with a shark of more slender proportions,I wanted it to look like a fast swimmer, with a big tail  short fins and stuff liek tat. Of course noone really knows how it looked but it maybe looked like this, who knows.

Colouration based of the tiger shark
Today is a very sad day. Our beloved dog ,Arthus has passed away :(
He was 13 years old now and for me he was the best dog someone could have. I was 8 years old when we got him, since  then he was always with me, we had a lot of adventures together,played in the garden and all that stuff; without him I wouldnt be what I am today. He was always there for me when I felt sad, he would sleep on my bed from time to time, eat his food in my room or just ly on the couch and whatch TV with us (he enjoyed that quite a lot, especially in his older  years). Now he is no more, I still cant believe it really. I dont really know when I will get over it  but there wont be much art comin from me in the next few days.

R.I.P Arthus, I will never forget you


Teratophoneus's Profile Picture
Robinson Kunz
Current Residence: Germany
Favourite style of art: PalaeoArt
Shell of choice: the shell of a tank?!
Skin of choice: Feathers hairs and of course scales
Favourite cartoon character: annoying orange, Kitty katswell
Personal Quote: T rex rules!

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