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Battleship Bismarck by Teratophoneus
Battleship Bismarck
I wanted to have this ship in my collection for years now, and now ,I finally have it, this is the KM Bismarck, maybe the most famous battleship in history.

Backround: Under the terms of the treaty of versailles, Germany wasnt allowed any new battleships. Almost the entire germanfleet was scuttled in scape flow, and only a handful of german warships remained with the germans, like the old ship of the line schleswig Holstein. When Hitler raised to power, he knew that in order to expand the third reich, he would need a potent navy. However, with negotiations between germany and Britain which resulted in the Anglo german naval agreement, Germany was finally allowed to construct battleships, battlecruisers and even aircraft carriers again, although only a small percentage f what the British navy had. While Hitler was pleased with that result, the  admirals of the german navy werent that much.  With that agreement, the german navy had the opportunity to expand their fleet to 3 times its then size. The first ships the germans constrcuted were pretty much in terms of the Anglo german naval agreement. Ships like the Deutschland class heavy cruiser combined excelent firepower with long range and comparatively heavy armor , while still weighing around 10000 tons(without full load however).  A new line of Battleships were also constructed, the Scharnhorst class, two very fast battleships with realtively light armament fr battleships(28cm guns) in response to the french dunkerque class battleships which themselves were built as response to the deutschland class heavy cruisers. These new fast battleships were well engineered, but Hitler and the navy under command of Großadmiral Erich Raeder, knew they needed ssth larger to compete with the latest of French and British battleships. The French Richeliue(designed to counter the Italian Littoria class) was seen as the biggest threat, weighing in at 35000 tons and armed with 8 380mm guns, the new German ship was to feature the same calibre of guns but be overall better. Thus, the Bismarck class was born, itself relatively small ships, compared to the ships that were planned to follow: The H class super battleship.  Bismarck was the first of the two ships of here class, beeing laid down in 1936  and comissioned into the fleet in 1940. At 50000 tons, she was a lot heavier than it was actually allowed, the German ministry threfore officially said she was  35000 tons heavy. Bismarck was an astonishing 251 metres long, her battery of eight 380mm guns were positioned in twin turrets, two aft, and two to the bow. Her secondary armament was also very impressive and of heavy calibre: 12 15cm guns in twin turrets were mounted on the side of the ship, 10,5 cm dual purpose guns functioned as long range anti aircraft guns and as artillery guns,  a wide array of 20mm and 37mm guns protected the ship from aircraft.  She was powered by 3 geared turbines, driving 3 screws,  a design which wasnt often used since 4 screws offered more maneuverability at los speeds and indeed the Bismarck class were comparatively  heavy to steer at those kinds of speeds. She could travel at a maximum speed of 30 knots. Bismarck spent her first month after comissioning with training operation and tests on the ships functionality. Here Captain was Ernst Lindeman. Hitler wanted Bismarck to  venture into the atlantic ocean and wreak havoc on britsh merchant shipping, she was not supposed to face off against battleships(although she could do that quite easily). This operation, named Rheinübung was to take place in 1941. It was hoped that Bismarcks sister, Tirpitz, which was 2000 tons heavier following modifications learned from Bismarcks construction and tests, was completed and joined the action but work on tirpitz was delyed and she wasnt ready when Rheinübung took place. Instead, Bismarck was escorted by the heavy cruiser Prinz eugen, a modern Admiral Hipper class cruiser , and an escort fleet of several destroyers and icebrakers. Admiral Günther Lütjens wanted to wait with the operation until the other heavy cruisers and at least Tirpitz or  Gneisenau and Scharnhorst(the two scharnhorst class battleships) were finsihed/repaired, to strengthen the german task force. However the OKM scheduled  the operation to take place as soon as possible and therefore Prinz Eugen and Bismarck were the only two ships that would sortie into the atlantic. T reach their target, the ships were supposed to venture through the dennmark strait, then proceed into the open atlantic to kill allied merchant shiping. Before the operation, Bismarck also had extensive changing of her colour scheme, one for her baltics operations and for the operationin the atlantic. Starting from Gotenhafen, Prinze eugen began the journey while in the early morning hours of the next day, Bismarck followed, both sips beeing escorted by destroyers and minesweeepers. The two ships ventured though the Kattegat where they were spotted by Swedish ships. This message eventually found its way to the britsh admiralty. Both ships made a short  rest at a Norwegian fjord where they were painted over. when the ships left the fjord, the 3 escoritng destroyers were dispatched. Prinz Eugen had refueled while Bismarck hadnt, sth that would come to bite her in the arse later.  Prematurely, a group of submarines were ordered to scout for the surface raiders.  Heading through Denmark strait, the two ships were shadowed by  britsh cruiser suffolk . Engaging their FuMo radars and hydrophones, the Gedrmans quickly detected the cruiser and managed to decrypt the code sent bback to britain which informed the britsh about the ships location Lütjens ordered Prinz Eugen to open fire at the brish cruiser. However, Suffolk disenaged before the heavy cruiser could hit its britsh counterpart. A short time later, the ehavy cruiser Norfolk joined suffolk, but came too close to the german task force. Both ships opened fire on Norfol, Bismarck fired 5 salvoes which straddle Norfolk. She qucikly disengaged while laying a smokescreen. During the engagement, Bismarck guns  recoil knocked out her Fumo radar, forcing Prinz eugen to take the lead in the formation.  The britsh had already installed a wide array of ships to engage the germans. On several stations battleships were ready, including the new King George V class battleships, Rodney,Hood and several other older battleships. Norfolk and suffolk  continued shadowing the ships. The next morning, the germans heard the sound of turbine engines through their hydrophones, two ships were approaching and smoke was soon seen at the horizon. The Brits had dispatched the  brandnew KGV class battleships Prince of Whales and the huge battlecruiser Hood to intercept the germans raiders. Hood was a huge ships, even longer than Bismarck and she to ahd 380mm guns. However, Hood was  abattlecruiser, not a battleship, her armor was much thinner than bismarcks. The British had hped to cross teh germans "T" to bring their full broadside to bear on them, however the brits underestimated the Germans ships speed ,which combined with foggy weather ,resulted in that the german ships were now crossing the British ships "T". Hood lead the attack while Prince of whales followed behind her. Hood opened fire at 5:52 , her shells hitting the water in front of Prinz Eugen. The Britsh were unaware that the two ships had changed their place in the formation and both british ships initially targeted Prinz Eugen with no hits recorded on the cruiser. However they soon noticed their mistake and both ships targeted Bismarck instead of the heavy cruiser. Norfolk and suffolk were ordered to engage as well btu they were out of range and slower than Bismarck and Prinz eugen.  Hoods Captain, lancelot Holland, tried to close the range to avoid plunging fire from Bismarck, since Hoods deck was poorly armoured . This however also meant that the germans could target the ships more easily. prince of whales hit her target first, one of her shells struck Bismarck. However, the Germans didnt fire back until 5:55. Lütjens had been ordered to sunk commercial vessels not to duke it out with battlecruisers and battleships. he therefore didnt open fire. However, Ernst Lindeman,, commander on Bismarck was not as reluctant. After the gunnery officers repeatedly asked for fire permission and after Prince of Whales´hit on Bismarck, an angered Lindeman said: "Ich lass mir doch mein schiff nicht unterm Arsch wegschießen, Feuer frei!" (I will not have my ship get shot out from under my arse, open fire!). Bismarck then opened fire at Hood, while Prinz eugen was to duke it out with Prince of whales. The  first german shells narrowly missed their intended target but the german gunnery officers didnt take long to adjust their rangefinders correctly.  Prinz Eugen hit Hood first, setting 4 inch ready to use ammunition on fire and starting a fire that cut down a lot of men on the deck. However , the fire was quickly extinguished( there is also the possibility that this hit came from Bismarck). 4 minutes into the battle, Bismarck  obliterated Hood with a single hit of her main battery. A huge gush of flames erupted from Hood admitships and blew her in two pieces, her aft 2 gun turrets were blown out of their barbettes and thrown into the water. The ship broke in two with the stern sinkin immediately, the bow rose up and began sinking, with her forward A turret firing a single last shot before she slipped beneath the waves.  Bismarck shell had penetrated Hoods deck and exploded her aft magazines reslting in the huge explosion.  Hood sank with all but 3 of her crew. Prince of whales had to face both german war ships at onece. Bismarck and Prinz Eugen btoh scored multiple hits on Prinz of whales. Prince of Whales had major malfunctions with her new quad gun turrets, diminishing her firepower by a lot . She was forced to abort the fight and retreated under a smokescreen. Prince of Whales had managed to hit Bismarck 3 times, blowing a hole in her oil bunker. Bismarck had to retreat back to france and was leakin oil , making it easier for the brits to track her. Loss of the hood soon reached the UK and they were shocked that she was sunk. The britsh navy then set out basically every ship available to hunt and sink the Bismarck. Bismarck had seperated With Prinz Eugen, she was to continue hunting for commerce ships, while bismarck would return to france for repairs. However , Swordfish torpedo bombers from Ark royal managed to score a critical hit on Bismarck hitting the  only unarmoured parts f the ships and knocking out her rudder which rendered the ship unable to steer. A huge force of battleships, cruisers, and destroyers then tracked down Bismarck and shelled her until she was basically a floating wreck. However Bismarck refused to sink , and  her crew fianlly scuttled   her after she had taken dozens of shell and torpedo hits. Bismarck sunk with a large protion of her crew. Her loss had severe consequences on the germans urface force since Hitler had lost a lot of faith into his capital ships and the loss of scharnhorst two years later basically banished the reaminign surcafe ships to secondary roles . Her sister Tirpitz survived until 1944 when she was sunk in her fjord by bombers. Bismarck adn Tirpitz were the largest european warships of the second world war, only the postwar finsihed HMS Vanguard was heavier but only by a margin.
In terms of their design, these ships were pretty damn good, their gun layout meant that if one turret was knocked out, they only lost quarter of theri main firepower while for example the king George class battleships lost  almst half of their firepower. The 380mm guns were also superior to their british counterpart, firing faster and with a greater range .  They were also surpringly fast, at 30kn, the Bismarck class was faster than for example the KGV class that only managed 28 kn. 

The kit: This is the revell 1/350 sclae Bismarck. The kit is from 2007 and it costs around80€

Detail : 

The kit is well detailed overall. The superstructures are well represented , the boats look good and also the deck strcutres are well represented. The Arado floatplanes also look good, they even have a very very basic interior and have clear canopy parts. They certainly look 100 times better than the ones in the Tamyia Tirpitz kit I owned. Even the railings are included, although they are way too thick  .  Detail is ok when OOB , however Revell offers an aftermarket kit for the Bismarck with PE railings, antennas and radar masts. What I really like is the sea plane hangar  which is nicely represented.
fitting: Fitting was mostly good but certainly not perfect. I had some issues with the hull , the deck fitted well except the bow. I like that the deck is single piece which makes construction much more easily.  Guns and superstructures fitted well to perfectly
Quality: Quality wasnt really that good. The kit is now 8 years old but stil, revells Horten kit for example is "in service" for a much longer period and that one doesnt have that much flash or quaity issues. I didnt encounter that many sinkmarks, but there are a lot of Ejector markson the kit that need to be sanded down. These could have been easily placed to ther places are the inside so that they cannot be seen when the kit is finsihed. I encountered a little bit of flash on the thin masts but overall there wasnt that much flash.
Decals: I like that the camo pattern on the hull is available as decals and also the waterline is availabe as decal but the waterline decals is very difficult to apply because its in multiple pieces. I therefore decided to paint the waterline on the kit as well as the camo pattern.  Flagd and signs all look nice and are well printed
Extrapoints: Bismarck is my favoruite warship ever. There is just sth about her that makes her special, especially the looks. She doesnt really look like other battlehsips, she´s much more lean, much more elegant,while still looking powerful and dangerous. Take for example the nelson class, which are imo the ugliest battleships ever designed, i mean they just look ridiculous. Bismarkc has that  modern look to it, she also doesnt appear as winde in the middle and at the stern as say for example a yamato or Iowa class battleship, Bismarck has that unique look to it.  The kit is not perfect but it is pretty damn god and worth its price. Its definetely better than the tamyia equivalent which costs around the same and doesnt have the same amount of detal than the revell one, except the stand which looks awesome on the Tamyia tirpitz.  I also like all the functions on the kit like the movable screws, the guns can be elevated individually and  can rotate which is nice. I als like the clear parts for the boats and the arado 196 seaplanes

Result: This is a really nice kit and definetely worth its price. Its also surprisingly easy to assemble for a model of its size, the assembling is pretty straight forward I have to say.  I can definetely recommend this kit, its a fine kit for its scale and worth its prize. Its not the best Bismarck kit on the amrket, that award goes to the massive 1/200 Trumpeter Bismarck  but again, that 1/200 not 1/350. If youre lookin for sth in that scale, this kit is certainly worth consideration. I am really glad I have it in my collection now
At some point I will get a new 1/350 scale tirpitz and i am also planning to buy a narvik class desteoyer from dragon in that scale.
Dunkleosteus terelli  the tank fish! by Teratophoneus
Dunkleosteus terelli the tank fish!
Dunkleosteus, king of the devonian seas, this mighty placoderm predator is usally protrayed much too big, usually around 10 metres long, thsi animal was probably "only" around 6 metres long which is stillas big as  a modern great white, and with an ever dvilish dentition. Dunkleosteus teeth werent true teeth, more like bony projections that acted like teeth. Like a giant pair of scissors, these teeth like plates could cut through basically any prey it encountered. How exactly its body looked is unclear.   many more recent reconstruction show this fish with lips, I decided not to give it to him, since placoderms were comparatively primitive fish, jaws had just evolved on fish , lips may evolved later and not directly with jaws so thats why i depicted it with no lips....and lets be honest, it wouldnt be dunkleosteus without that gaping mouth and teeth showing :D . Not to say  that  the pics showing it with teeth look bad, it just looks so unusual without its teeth, although some pics get it right, like this here ,which I think is the best Dunkleosteus I have seen so far....even with lips!
I also went for a much leaner body instead of that bulky lookin version that you usually get. I wanted t give it a muscular, yet swift body, a fast powerful swimmer, ideal for sudden bursts of speeds which is why I oriented yself n a  sharks body in terms of general proportions
Oh, and in germany placoderms are referred to as Panzerfische which literally means tank fish, which is awesome since I love tanks ;)
Dunkleosteus wip by Teratophoneus
Dunkleosteus wip
WIP of an upcoming reconstruction of Dunkleosteus, the massive devonian sea predator. However, it wasnt actually as big as it is usually portrayed, but all that you´ll see when the picture is finished :)
Massospondylus carinatus by Teratophoneus
Massospondylus carinatus
"WTF, Teratophoneus draws prosauropods too?! who are you and what have you done with the real teratophoneus?!"

Yeah, indeed I draw prosauropods as well, although this might be the first seriosu attmpt of doing one by me. Its massospondylus, one of the best known "prosauropods". It was around 4 to 5 metres long, had a bipedal stance and was either a herbovire or an omnivore. It had huge thumb claw on each hand, a long neck, small head and long tail. I decided to beef the animal up a bit, aded soft tissue around the head to make it look less zombie like and also made it a bit bulkier  than in many other reconstructions, to fit a herbivore lifestyle( herbivores usually have a deeper belly for their massive gut) I think it turned out pretty well.
Curtiss P-40B Tomahawk by Teratophoneus
Curtiss P-40B Tomahawk
Backround: The curtiss P40 Warhawk was one of the 2 most advanced aircraft the us air force had when the war began(the other beeing the p 39 Airacobra). The p 40 was based on the earlier p 36 hawk fighter aircraft but featured a new engine, the powerful allison v1710 inline piston engine, replacing the radial engie on the p 36. This gave the p 40 a much more differnt appearence than the aircraft it was based on. A large air intake on the p 40, sitting under the nose of the machine, gave it a vry characteristic appearence. The earler models(B-D ) were named the Tomahawk, the later models were named Kittyhawk; the us airmen referred to all of them as the warhawk. The P40 had a tough aircrafe, able to withstand a lot of punishemnt and when it entered service, it was one of the tightest turning aircraft of its time.  The aircraft featured a standard layout with tricycle landing gear and low mounted wing. A three bladed  propeller propelled all variants of the p 40. The p 40 earned particular fame during the time it was flown by the ammerican volunteer group,famously named the flying tigers. They served with their p 40s in china ,flying against the jappanese aircraft. At first it had to face aircraft like the ki 27 fighter and ki 21 sally bomber, aircraft the p 40 could quite easily handle, the ki 27 beeing much slower but much more maneuverable and ki 27 was easy to shoot down since it didnt have any sealf sealing fuel tanks. When entering a turning fight tho, the p 40 was doomed-should it decide to follow. when using boom and zoom tactics, the p 40 was a fearsome opponent , as it was alos much mor able to take damage than the japanese fighters. Later on, it had to face the ki 43 oscar, a muhc more sofisticated dogfighter that could match the p 40 in speed, could climb better and was much more agile. With their heavier armament and superior dive performance, the p 40 was however able to hold its own. However, the p 40 had its faults: Its lack of a two stage supercharger meant that performance dropped significantly at high altitude. Its climb rate was absolutely awful, with only around 11 metres per second, even some biplanes could outclimb it. The visibility was also not great. Early P 40s had a mix of 7,7 and 12,7mm machine guns, later variants had6 12,7mm machine guns, 3 in each wing.  P 40s were also used by the british and p 40s served over europe and in north africa. Compared to the bf 109 E, the p 40 was just as fast, dived better and was similarly maneuverbale. As the bf 109 F apeared however, the p 40 was completely outclassed.  P 40s were used on ground strike missions and  were particularly successful in that role in later stages of the war, when it wasnt really competitive enough as a dogfighter . Armed with bombs and rocket, P 40s  provided  fast close air support . In the pacific, P 40s were pretty good fighters in the early stages of the war, using theri superior dive speed, they could evade dogfights with the much more maneuverable zero and oscar fighters but when the  Ki 61 appeared on the batlefield, the P 40 again found itself outclassed, although it remained in service, with success, towards the end of second world war.
Production of the aircraft ceased in 1944, after almost 14000 P 40s were produced, making the p 40  the third most produced fighter of U air force during WWII. A large number of P40s were used by the soviet union, where they serve with distinction, russian pilots really liked the aircraft for its sturdy airframe and diving capabilities.

Several p 40s remain in airworthy condition today.

The model kit: Amazingly, this is an airfix kit! yeah-aifix, I never thought I would buy one of these again sicne the desaster I had with the airfix mosquito and 262 which had awful deatil and mediocre fitting. I always thought of airfix kits as these old kits that werent up to the standard of today. My father had built airfix kits when he was young actually.  However I had a tiger I, a mossie and a 262 ffrom airfix and they all sucked pretty hard, so I thought I would never buy one of these again. However, as I was in the model store in Gießen and had money to spend, and as I always wanted to have a p 40(since it is actually one of the first WWII aircraft I knew about) and as it was the only p 40 available there and had a cheap price, I thought, yeah why not, lets try it. So I settlled down and expected another sub par kit but I was surprised:

Detail: Actually pretty decent, comparable to the 1/72 kits from revell .  the cockpit is decent, nothin special but ok. The landing gear looks good, the clear parts are awesome and surface detail is also pretty well  done. Detail is not awesome but definetely acceptable

Quality: The quality is really good, no flash and the clear parts are really really good
Fitting: fitting is good, not perfect but good, the wing had some small problems at the wing roots but that about it
Decals: Decals are really good, similar to revell decals
Extrapoints: I like the kit, i was really surprised by this kit, its actually pretty well done, easy to assemble and the propeller spins . The price of just 7,5€ is also really cheap
Result: A nice, cheap and surprisingly good little model of this milestone of american aviation. It really is a satisfying solution for ones who want a p 40 in  their collection. Also suitable for beginners, I´d recommend the kit
*** and a half
so, seeing like basically everyone is doing it, I will fill out the deviant questionaire as well :D

Bullet; Green How long have you been on DeviantArt?
since 2011, thats 4 years......damn, cant belive it really has been for years already, time really goes faster and faster the older you get :D

Bullet; Green What does your username mean?
...yeah.... I kinda regret using that name. Teratophoneus is the name of a comparatively small tyrannosaur, a pretty cool animal, but if you type in that name on google, the whole page is spammed by pics from me , I didnt really had that in mind when I decided to use that name, sorry folks XD.
From the start, I always wanted to have a the name of a dinosaur as part of my account name, preforably Tyrannosaurus, but that wasnt availabe so i chose another Tyrannosaur instead.

Bullet; Green Describe youself in three words.
 Gosh, thats hard...uhm...well... I would say... crazy, funny and (for the ladies) single (sorry I just had to XD)

Bullet; Green Are you right of left handed?
Hah, to answer this i have to tell you a story. I was born left handed, but at that time there was that rumour that left handed children think different(in an too complicated way, not politicaly or anything like that) and right handed would have more advantages, i cant remember it really, so my grandparents basically educated me to do stuff with my right hand. In the end I am very glad they did or I might not have my art style.  While I draw and write with the right hand, I throw stuff with my left, so i actually use both hands for different purposes.

Bullet; Green What was your first deviation?

wow, I´ll have to check that ...

Its actually this one here

Appalachiosaurus by Teratophoneus

Back in the old days, when I still had my graphite stick , used no scnnaer, drew dinosaurs with pronated hands and absurd proportions.....

Bullet; Green What is your favorite type of art to create?
Lol, easily palaeo art, I love doing that, although I also enjoy the art of drawing cryptid animals  and drawing machines from time to time, but the main focus lies on Palaeo art

Bullet; Green If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
Definetely Digital art, I mean the sort of stuff digital palaeo artists can create is just amazing, i would love to do sth like that.

Bullet; Green What was your first favourite?

wow, again I need to check...
Wow, its this one

Kosmoceratops vs Teratophoneus by HodariNundu

from Hodari Nundu

Bullet; Green What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?

While I usually fav Paleo art, there are 2 or 3 other art styles I also favourite quite frequenty
1. Model kits, as I am also an experienced modeller, i love to see what other people do with model kits
2. cryptozoology related art, I am a big fan of cryptozoology, its really fascinating and interesting and the art some people produce of that are absolutely astonishing
3. From time to time photography, but only from aircraft, tanks and sportscars, since I am a really big fan of those.

Bullet; Green Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?

There definetely isnt just one, there are several artists I like for differnt reasons, some for their detail, some for their atmosphere and some for their ideas. Here are some of them

:icontuomaskoivurinne:…    for his amazing depictions of ceratopsid dinosaurs
 :iconhodarinundu:   for his amazing ideas he has with extinct animals and his own very special art style that I really enjoy and was one of the reasons i decided to got to deviantart    
:iconhyrotrioskjan:   for a whole bunch of reasons, he is a good friend, he has also collborated with me somtimes(sth I alway enjoy) and he also is an amazing artist, not only in the field of palaeontology but also speculative evolution and stuff like that!

    :iconromanyevseyev:   For his absulutely stunning and extremely realistic pics of Extinct prehsitoric mammals, noone comes close to making sabre toothed cats look as realistic as he does in my opinion.
He is just a very talented artist, i really enjoy his black and white drawing of dinosaurs, especially the recent tyrannosaurs he did are a highlight of the most amazing and beautiful lookin digital painted dinosaurs come from  him, the atmosphere he puts in these pics is just stunning and the amount of detail is just ridiculous(in a postive way)!
He has to be the most patient painter I ever have seen. His pics are just astonishing, very lifelike, and while they often look digitally painted they are actually drawn with real colour and brushes, i cant imagine how long it takes him to do one of his great pictures, it still is a miracle to me, because his art is really special.

:iconhellraptor:    If there is anyone who´s like me here on DeviantArt, its Hellraptor. Mate, you are awesome. He is just as big a Jurassic Park fan as I am, and his very very special art style is really cool. I am very glad that you are my friend :)
You basically have to know that there are two groups of Dinosaur enthusiasts (at least in my opinion). The ones that absulutely love Jurassic Park  and belive everything it says and then the guys that hate Jurassic park for everything it stands for(non featheres dinosaurs and stuff). Hellraptor and I are sth in between of that. I am a massive Jurassic park lover, I really really love that franchise but I know its inaccuracies, i accept its inaccurate in some ways but I still enjoy it, and I still draw dinosaurs the accurate way (or at least try it). Thats the reason I get along with Hellraptor that well, because he thinks a lot like me when it comes to jurassic park (at least thats what i expereinced).

He produces some of the most accurate palaeo art to date, and if anyone here is a perfectionist, then its PaleoKing, his sauropods are amazing and without him i wouldnt be able to draw sauropods as accurate as i draw em nowadays. He really is an amazing artist. whn it comes to sauropods, he´s the man, he basically taught me everything I needed to know about drawing sauropods accurately!

when it comes to skeletal reconstructions, scott Hartman is the man! His amazing skeletals help me, and a whole buch of other palaeoartists, to  accurately reconstrcut prehsitoric animals.

:iconjulio-lacerda:    He produces really cool atmospheric pitures of prehsitoric animals, they look very very lifelike, I really enjoy his artstyle and I am always hyped when he uploads sth new!

he definetely deserves more fame as he is  a really talented artist. I really like your pics, the things you cna do with simple coloured pencils is just amazing!    Last but not least, Steve White, the man who started it all. This guy was my inspiration to start drawing dinosaurs. everything  I am in terms of beeing a dinosaur artist, is thanks to him. In 1993 there was a series of dinosaur magazines. As I was born 1994, i only had the chance to get these magazines much much later and still own them. In the middle of the magazine was always a 3d pic that was originally painted black and white. These pics were done by him.  these pics were absilutely amazing, highly detailed, shwoing dinosaurs in motion, in different environemnts and situations, I remeber as  a kid beeing fascinated with these pics,lookin at them for hours and wondering who the man behind them was, until I got the magazine where the artist was  spotlighted, his name was Steve White. Over the years i searched and searched for him on the internt, lookin for more pics by him but couldnt find anything....that was until I found him on Deviant art. It was basically a dream come true, writing to the man I owe my love for drawing dinosaurs,  I am really happy to finally had the chance writing to him and if you read this Steve, I  wanna thank you so much for giving me so much inspiration!

*hope I ddint forget anyone*.......

Bullet; Green If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

I mean I would like to meet all of the artists mentioned above but if I really had to choose 3 or 4 of them it would be these

:iconhyrotrioskjan: Because he´s a good friend, a great artist, and in order to meet him I wouldnt have to book a flight to another country XD
Spaß beiseite, vielleicht trifft man sich eines tages ja mal :D


 Dude, I would love to meet you and basically talk a whole day over jurassic Park and stuff :)

:iconsharkeytrike: I would really like to thank him in person for all the inspiration he gave me

 How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

A  good Question. There are 2 special deviants, that deserve mentioning here:

:iconsharkeytrike: For reasons stated above

 For helping me substantially in how to draw sauropods correctly

Bullet; Green 
What are your preferred tools to create art?

Pencils, mechanical pencils that is, athough recently I also started colouring my regular pictures with coloured pencils from time to time.

Bullet; Green 
What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?

well the place where i get the most inspiration of is definetely the internet, mostyl DeviantArt itself.
In terms of where I feel most comfortable drawing , that would be my room and  my bed on which i draw my pictures

Bullet; Green 
What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?

There are a couple of great memorys, the first deviation, the first friends but out of all of tehm 2 come to my mind, both are quite recent

The Jurassic world pic i did which got over 500 favs which is more than double the amount I get when usually uploading a picture.
And getting 1k whatchers which is just astounding and really means a lot to me, seeing that so many enjoy my art!


Teratophoneus's Profile Picture
Robinson Kunz
Current Residence: Germany
Favourite style of art: PalaeoArt
Shell of choice: the shell of a tank?!
Skin of choice: Feathers hairs and of course scales
Favourite cartoon character: annoying orange, Kitty katswell
Personal Quote: T rex rules!

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Aquaraptor1304 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  New Deviant Hobbyist Artist
Any status update on that torvosaurus gurneyi drawing from a while back?
CubeTron23 Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
You just got watched :)
Terizinosaurus Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2015
Eusou123 Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2015
Thanks for the fav, love your work man, keep on doing your great job
GoldenElbow Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2015
Just want to say that I love your work. You really bring these animals to life. And to ask, have you ever held any interest for prosauropods? I.e., Massospondylus, Thecodontosaurus, Plateosaurus, etc.?
kaamuz Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2015
Really cool dinossaurs!  x')  Come check my drawings 2, maby u'll dig them  x')
Hellraptor Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi Robinson.If you still do large prehistoric Sharks, here is one newly found called Lepostyrax.
This one was made by :iconhodarinundu:…
Teratophoneus Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2015
thanks man for lettin me know, the giant shark series will continue , I have a siamosaurus in the works, but I think that one has to wait , cuz this new leptostyrax is just too awesome, I also hope I finish the giant shark  series soon, after all, there are only about  4 more species to draw :)
Hellraptor Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
☺I wish you luck with the shark project
Sovietmaster Featured By Owner May 27, 2015
When you do Tyrannosaurids/Tyrannosaurus Rex - where do you usually place the proto-feathers or how much area should the proto-feathers cover the body?
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