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Mig-15 by Teratophoneus
Backround: The mig 15 ,together with the f 86 sabre  is one of the most iconic aircraft of all time and the most iconic aircraft of the korean war.  Mig 15s clashed in duels with f 86 sabres over korea where both fighters gained a legndary reputation. The mig 15 would probably have never been if the russian caught plans after wwii for the ta 183, a new german jet fighter. The russians used the plans and developed an own aircraft: the mig 15 which shows a striking resemblance to the mig 15(the same  goes for the sabre, which used design work from the me 1101). Unlike the sabre, the mig 15 was an interceptor, not an air superioity fighter and therefore featured a very high climb rate, high service ceiling and a heavy armament consisting of a 37mm and 2 23mm cannons mounted under the nose of the aircraft. Its engines was based on the rolls royce nene engine. Compared to the sabre, the mig 15 could climb better, had a higher service ceiling and had much heavier armament while the sabre was slightly more maneuverable, much better in a dive and  most notable, had a G suit for its pilot, sth the mig lacked and which allowed the sabre to pull higher G turns. The armament, while heavy, was not really that well suited for attacking small, nimble fighters, it was made to kill bombers, sth the mig 15 was so good at, that american bomber command suffered severe losses. The first generation of jet aircraft in korea were completely outclassed by the 15 . Only the sabre was able to  match the mig. Theres  so much to say about this aircraft that I cant write it all here, it is one of the best known aircraft of all time . The mig 15 served as the base for the equally successful mig 17

The kit: this is an eduard kit, my first kit from that brand. its 1/72 and costs 12€
DetaiL: Absolutely amazing, the detail is superb, a very very well detailed cokpit is the highlihgt in this kit with seat belts included on a small sheet. The rest of the aircraft is also extremely well detailed
Quality: equally good, the kit has no flash and no sinkmarks where you notice them
Ftiiting: The kit fitted perfectly with no flaws
Decals: decals for 2 aircraft are included and they are of good quality
Extras. Its an icon of aviation and i actually bought the kit just because I had some spare money left from my shopping tour throught the model shop so I went for a cheap kit, and this was it, it turned out to be a real gem, the detail is whatt really highlights this kit
Result: A perfect little kit of a great aircraft, I can highly recommmend it
Chicks dig the car! by Teratophoneus
Chicks dig the car!
Yeah, check out my new car, a peugeot rcz. Its amazing to drive and it has all sorts of gimmicks, much more awesome than my previous VW polo which was so boring to drive, now I have this thing and its so cool, and surprisingly economical as well.
Tanycolagreus topwilsoni by Teratophoneus
Tanycolagreus topwilsoni
The second coelurid in the tyrannosaur project, Tanycolagreus, a 4 metre long predator from the jurassic of north america. it had a rather blunt snount , a long tail and  long hindlegs. I´m not sure if the proportions are a 100 % correct, so this might not be the last version but for the moment I´m happy with it
Coelurus agilis by Teratophoneus
Coelurus agilis
Coelurus is a well known,small, bipedal carnivore from the jurassic and belong to the family coeluridae, which consists of coelrus itself and the larger Tanycolagreus. Coelurus is now considered to be ancestral to the later tyrannosaurs and therefore belongs to the superfamily of tyrannosauroidea, just like tanycolagreus does. Coelurus was a very gracile predator, barely 2 and a half metres long, it had slender ,long legs, ideal for running, and a long tail that was used as balance. Its head isnt known, only the lower jaw is partially known from this animal. This is the replacement pic in the tyrannpsaur project for this:
Coelurus is probably THE classic small theropod, 3 fingers, 2 legs, a long slender body and the typical theropod like feet.
Albertosaurus sarcophagus by Teratophoneus
Albertosaurus sarcophagus
Next in the tyrannosaur series is albertosaurus, a very well known tyrannosaurs from north america. I´m not satisfied with this version, the proportions are a bit off, so I will do another one, but since I didnt upload sth in 4 weeks, I decided to give you this first try.
The tyrannosaur project is still on its way and I hope to finish the final chart this year. I would focus my attention to this project but the advent of jurassic world has changed my focus to  the jp expanded series for the moment. However there is a new series I am planning: the giant croc series. Similar to the tyrannosaur project this will be a chart of the most gigantic crocs ever to roam the earth, it will include pics of deinosuchus, sarcosuchus purussaurus and stuff, but also some very very unknown species like piscogavialis and stuff.


Teratophoneus's Profile Picture
Robinson Kunz
Current Residence: Germany
Favourite style of art: PalaeoArt
Shell of choice: the shell of a tank?!
Skin of choice: Feathers hairs and of course scales
Favourite cartoon character: annoying orange, Kitty katswell
Personal Quote: T rex rules!

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