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JP-Expanded Utahraptor task force by Teratophoneus
JP-Expanded Utahraptor task force
Alternative title: I suck at drawing humans!

Name: utahraptor ostrommaysorum
Codename: "Ripper"
Length: 6,5-7 metres
Weight: 500 kg
Dangerousness: 100%-EXTREMELY DANGEROUS!!!

Utahraptor is the biggest dromaeosaur cloned by inGen. A holf ton,7 metre long killing machine, utahraptor is one of the most fearsome hunters ever created by inGen. Originally cloned to be put on display for the first park, the animals was present in the first park but only 2 of them were old and big enough to be moved to Nublar and the majority of the animals lived on Isla Sorna  and site E also has a pack of these animals.   Utahraptor is extremely dangerous, of all the nautral non hybrid raptors, it is the most aggressive one and also the strongest. The first cloned utahraptors lacked feathers due to a defect in their genes and the use f frog dna. Newly bred utahraptors have their genetic code filed up with bird dna, mainly vulture dna  which resulted in the animals regrowing their feathers like their smaller cousins. Utahraptor is the tiger of dromaeosaurs, mainly because its colouration. Females are orange wit black stripes while the males are a more darker brown with blakc stripes. Their head and necks are unfeathered like a vulture and their arm feathers are proportionally smaller than in other smaller dromaeosaurs. Their colouration is very similar to deinonychus, however utahraptors are duble the size of their smaller cousin. Utahraptor form packs but very small ones, the packs dont usually consist of more than 6 individuals. Utahraptors were feared among keepers; they were some of the most difficult animals to handle, causing so much problems that Muldoon wanted them terminated completely from the tour. Hammond however found them way too precious  and so they were put on Nublar. Utahraptors paddock was next t the carnotaurus paddock and the utahraptors never ventured near that border. Isla sorna also has some male individuals of this species . Both sexes have the same size. In packs, the male are the leaders. They are very territorial animals and on Sorna it has been reported that they will attack other raptor packs that enter their territory. The hybrid Velociraptor antirrhopus sornaensis strongly avoid utahraptor areas. Fortunately for the hybrid raptors, there arent many utahraptors  on Isla Sorna since there were never that much animals bred. Interestingly enough, the Sorna Utahraptors also have feathers despite they stem from the animals without feathers. The new park, Jurassic paradise also has utahraptors, although they are not at public display. 3 of them have been chosen to be trained (or at least try to be trained). Initially this failed hard and almsot cost a keeper his life.  These raptors were deemed untrainable and are officially "held in storage" which means that they will not be included in the security program but will get their own paddock in  the future so utahraptor can go n public display. However inGen still needed a good security program ,especially after the 2015 incident which showed that a single ACU wasnt enough to recapture the hybrid known as Indominus rex which cost several peoples lifes.  After a long discussion at inGen what to do and after going through several possibilities including using the tyrannosaur alioramus  for that duty(which was dismissed as alioramus are known to get into a feeding frenzy )  it was decided to try and hire Owen Grady, a professional keeper who had experience in raptor training in Jurassic World, to try and help training raptors again. It took a while and the officials did have to promise not to try using these utahraptors for military experiments or such and of  course it took a good amount of money to convince him  but eventually he gave in. In an interview where he was asked why he decided to go back to raptor training he answered that he actually enjoyed training with raptors and if he wouldnt do it, then probably noone would be able to do so. To train the raptors , Grady needed new raptors since he needed Raptor chicks to train them as early as possible and because older utahraptors are untrainable. Grady said that the utahraptors need to be trained at very young age so that they accept their human trainer as the pack leader since this was also the way he trained his raptors in Jurassic World. Therefore 3 additionaly Utahraptors were cloned, 1 male and 2 females. Training started early and  the raptor trio quickly accepted grady as their "father" and pack leader and soon, they followed his command. Grady noted that the utahraptors mounted the same high amount of intelligence as the raptors he first trained. . However the raptors grew quickly and Grady noted that they became  more difficult to handle  . From early on, Grady also brought other keepers to the training to accustom the utahraptors to humans and potentional future trainers. Indeed   Grady also taught other keepers how to train raptors , because grady wouldnt work forever in the park . Grady found it very important to "trust  and respect the animals. At 5 years old, the utahraptors were already grown to full size and by then had a very large amount of training. Grad yalso decided to give the raptors names during the training so that he could individually call them. The male raptor  is named Dalton while the younger female(the one in fron of Owen) is named Lucy and the older females name is Omega. Dalton is the beta animal while Omega is the oldest member of the trio.  In the early stages of the training it was briefly considered to recapture Blue, the only surviving raptor from Owens original raptor pack  from Nublar and bring her to Jurassic paradise to act like some sort of "adoptive parent" for the 3 utahraptor chicks so that they learn from one of their own kind  but Grady rejected this as Blue was now living in the wild and probably already forgot about most of her training . He also found it too risky because Blue is a hybrid raptor and not a true utahraptor. He also didnt want to get Blue under stress by recapturing her . The utahraptors are now a very forceful part of the Security system of jurassic paradise and are tasked with tracking and hunting down  escaped aniamls on the main island. Their power and agility as well as their high intelligence are ideal for that. The first true mission for the Raptor pack came in 2020 when 2 Monolophosaurus esaped from their pen. The utahraptor task force managed to successfully track down and encircle the escaped aniamls  before they were sedated and put back into their enclosure. This mission was under the surveilance of Grady but in the future this can also be done by 3 other keepers who were specially taught by grady about handling the utahraptors. Although he doesnt have a full time job in jurassic paradise, Grady occasionally visits to check on the raptors and monitor their progress in their training as well as assisting the ther keepers from time to time. He has become one of the most important advisors in Jurassic Paradise, especially concerning safety and dinosaur handling. The Utahraptors have since been joined by a pack of Inostrancevias that account for special operations on the second smaller island of jurassic paradise. However  it was found important that the two species never interact with each other since they dont know what they are facing should they erv see each other. This is why the utahraptors are only "used" on the main island while the inostrancevias are only deployed on the second island where there are more animals from their time period.

Jurassic Park (C) Universal pictures
JP-Expanded Suchomimus by Teratophoneus
JP-Expanded Suchomimus
Name: Suchomimus tenerensis
Codename: "Croc jaw"
Lenght: up to 12 metres
period: cretaceous
Aggressiveness: 55%-can be aggressive
Dangerousness: 67%-Dangerous if not handled withut caution

Suchomimus is one of several spinosaurs cloned by inGen and it is the second largest bred by inGen. Suchomimus  can get 12 metres long and it is a mainly piscivorous animal. Its head alone is 1,2 metres long and it is brightly coloured with dark blue  and yellow spots and stripes. Each hand carries a huge over 30cm long claw  which it uses to catch fish in the water. Unlike it big relative spinosaurus, suchomimus spends a considerable amount of time on land during its daytime action. It is also  a pretty curious animal and can be often seen patrolling  the fences of its enclosure , whatching the visitors. Suchomimus can also be found in the wild, on isla sorna there is a very small population of this animal and on Isla Nublar the resident suchomimus also successfully bred after the 2015 incident.  the new park, Jurassic Paradise has gyrospheres running through its paddock. It is th only gyrosphere  that runs through a large carnivore paddock. Suchomimus ccassionaly ccome very close to the gyrosperes to investigate but they never attack the gyrospheres  since they are "trained" to the gyrospheres since their young age. Although piscivorous, they can still be very dangerous animals, they have huge claws that can easily shred a human  and their teeth are very sharp and can inflict horrible injuries.  Still, keepers are very posititve about this animal, of all the big theropods ,suchomimus is the most easiest to handle. Female suchomimus are about the same size as male nes. Suchomimus is also a very  good swimmer .

Colours cheme based up on the one from the Jurassic world website ,to keep  everything canonical

Initially this was meant as a scenery with suchomimus investigating a gyrosphere but I just culdnt draw it, it looked awful, drawing gyrospheres turned ut pretty difficult.
Carbon stripes by Teratophoneus
Carbon stripes
Me and my baby ;)
 I truely love this car, I am so glad I have it. Decided to pimp it up a bit by giving it carbon stripes on each side and also the rear spoiler is now foiled with carbon. Fortunately there is a professionla company that does this stuff near my town so I didnt have to drive far t get the car foliated. Hvae to say they did a great job on it, it looks absolutely amazing. I really want to give my RCZ a new exhaust because it doesnt sound that sportybut  the new exhaust I want costs around 1000€  and it will take some time till I have saved  enough money to buy a new exhaust. Costs for the carbon stripes were 340€, but it was totally worth the price(especially since there was a massive scratch on my door which a child  had put in when I parked my car near a street and with the foil and  a lot of car polish I managed to get it away.)
Hetzers gonna hetz by Teratophoneus
Hetzers gonna hetz
Finally got one of these, a 1/35 hetzer

Backround: The german wehrmacht ,after seeing that many of their machines were just too complicated to built , decided to mount the powerful 75mm pak 40 on a reliable and known chassis. For that the chassis of the czech panzer 38t. However, the machi e turned out pretty heavy for the lightweight chassis so the chsssis was widened and the leaf springs strenghtened. Still, the front was up to 100 mm lower than the rear! This was due to its impressive fronta armour. it was 60mm thick but sloped at such an angle that it madepenetrating a hetzer, even with a powerful gun, pretty tricky. The hetzers gun was the 75mm L48  also used on the stug 3 and the early models of the jagdpanzer IV. This gun was a lot more powerfuul  than the gun on the standard sherman and comparable to the american 76mm gun M1. The gun was also very acurate and could knock out any tank the allies fielded. The hetzer was incredibly stealthy, its low silhoutte made it ideal for ambushes and hiding itslef in bomb craters or stuff like that. Top speed was only about 40 kph and the german planned to installa  more powerful tatra engine in the hetzer whch however couldnt progress beyond prototype stage due to the wars ending. Also planneed and actually done in some protoypes was the installation of the 75mm gun from the panther. With that the hetzer was very very front heavy and incredibly difficult to steer. There was also a variant with a flamethrower instead of a gun. The hetzer entered service in 1944 and proofed highly effective, especially against enemy medium tanks like the t 34 or the sherman. The gun had problems knocking out russian heavys like the is 2 which could only be penetrated from around 500 metres way while the 122 mm on the is2 could kill a hetzer from over 1,5 km away(the hetzers gun was however a lot more accurate). Over 2500 hetzers were produced. Despite very successful many crews disliked the new machine because of the cramped fighting compartment. Nevertheless hetzer companys reported highly successful missions and they inflicted heavy losses. They were used on the eastern and western front. Today there are surprisinglyy many hetzers around, I have personally seen one  and its tiny, if you stand in front of it you can look straight down its barrel! There are also some hetzers still in running condition .

The kit: A 40€ 1/35 scale Dragon kit. Its a hetzer from the mid production.

Detail: Decent, every kkey component is represented nicely, the tracks are single piece. However compared to other dragon kits I have built the detail is not that impressive. Also the back of the wheels is missing the rivets.For exmaple the panther F I have from dragon is just so much better detailed all in all. Still this kit is very very well detailed, its just not as good as some of the newer dragon kits
Fitting: The kit fittted mostly well, only the hull made some small problems
Quality: Its not the newest kit anymore but quality is still pretty good but not perfect, there was some flash etc
Decals:Nice decals, very good quality
Extrapoints. Its a  very cool tank i really liek the hetzer . The kit is nice as it comes with figures which I havent painted yet, and its overall decent,but I think 40€ is way to much for such a  small and ,for dragon, mediocre kit
Resut: What we have with this kit  is a decent kit of a wwii german tank destroyer. it might sosts a bit much but I couldnt find that many hetzer kits in that scale  so you dont have much of a choice. Tamyia also has a 1/35 hetzer and its in the same price region but I dont know about the detail of this kit. This one here is satisfyig enough and also suited for beginner, despite 1 or 2 phot etched parts.
Sdkfz 7 1 mit 2m Flakvierling 38 by Teratophoneus
Sdkfz 7 1 mit 2m Flakvierling 38
Backround: Germany had a wide array of self proppeled flak guns. Some were mounted on halftracks, others were true  flakpanzers. The one here belongs to the first group. I consisted of a standard sdkfz 7 medium halftrack on which some armour was added to the front and a 20mm flakvierling 38 installed on the back. The sdkfz 7 was one of the standard halftracks of germany and fullfilled a huge amount of roles, it could transport troops, tow vehicles and light to medium tanks and artillery guns, acted as a control vehicle for v2 missile launches  and could be used as an antiaircraft vehicle when fittted with flak guns.  The 2cm flakvierling 38 was conceived after the single barrel 20mm flaks proofed ineffective. A quad mount of these however where extremely deadly for low flying aircraft and they had a pretty fast rate of fire. There were also 37mm equipped versions of this machine. production ended in 1944, its top speed was 50 kph.

The kit: A nice little revell kit, costs around 12€ and is in 1/72

Detail: Pretty neat, the tracks look good as well as the drivers cabin. The flak guns are especially well made for this scale
Fitting: I had some problems with the cowling and doors, the rest fitted well
Quality: Its not the newes kit but there were no signs of flsh or sinkmarks
Decals: Few decals but they look very good and are easy to apply
Extrapoints: The flakguns can be lifted up and down and rotate 360 degrees. I also like that you can build the door open(which is good since it just wouldnt fit when closed).
Result: A fun little kit, definetely worth its price. Recommended for a bit more experienced modellers since their are some small and very fiddly parts included.
Well well, there hasnt been any art from me the last days . This is because I am at vocational school at the moment which is around 120 km away from my home  and I dont have any internet there ( how the hell are the people there surviving without internet, like seriously, are they living behind the moon!?). However, i am drawing a lot there (yeah, classes are boring)  and i have been working on one special pic, a torvosaurus with complete coloured backround. i will upload  a WIP today I think to give you a first glance at it. So far it looks pretty good.  I also whatched jurassic world a second time in the cinema and what can i say?- its still as awesome as whatching it for the first time .Its the only movie ever I saw twice on the big screeen, no movie I ever whatched was worth paying another 12 € to whatch again, I usually just waited to get me the dvd but I just had to whatch JW again, it was that good. One whatcher (I forgot his name :() also asked if i could do all the enclosures in Jurassic Paradise. And you know what , thats actually not a bad idea, especially since I am already drawing a completely coloured pic at the moment and seeing how good that one looks already, why not give you an even more in-detail look at how I envision a Jurassic Park. I am planning this to be a future series inside the JP expanded project. Thsi will also mean that you will see some herbivores of  the park(Until now i had only drawn the theropods-well except the fruitadens, but that thing needs an update). I am still unsure whether this will work because these would be rather complicated piccs and believ it or not, i am acutally not a very patient person, I hate to wait which is why most of my pics usually dont include any backround except the rare instances where I really wanna do an atmospheric picture. However, i am in the mood for just that right now. Also coming soon will be a Siamosaurus with backround( I had that thing in the works for several weeks now and still havent finished it) and  the next picture for the speculative behaviour series is also half finished. This however also means that the tyrannosaur project will be delayed and I wont be able to finish it this year .

I also thoght about selling some of my art, there is the possibility to offer my pictures as prints here on DA but I have absolutely  no clue how this works.
Even more important: Woud you wanna buy some of my pics, are they really good enough to be bought?- thats a question I asked myself a lot in the last months....

best regards


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Robinson Kunz
Current Residence: Germany
Favourite style of art: PalaeoArt
Shell of choice: the shell of a tank?!
Skin of choice: Feathers hairs and of course scales
Favourite cartoon character: annoying orange, Kitty katswell
Personal Quote: T rex rules!

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Eusou123 Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Thanks for the fav, love your work man, keep on doing your great job
GoldenElbow Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2015
Just want to say that I love your work. You really bring these animals to life. And to ask, have you ever held any interest for prosauropods? I.e., Massospondylus, Thecodontosaurus, Plateosaurus, etc.?
kaamuz Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2015
Really cool dinossaurs!  x')  Come check my drawings 2, maby u'll dig them  x')
Hellraptor Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi Robinson.If you still do large prehistoric Sharks, here is one newly found called Lepostyrax.
This one was made by :iconhodarinundu:…
Teratophoneus Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2015
thanks man for lettin me know, the giant shark series will continue , I have a siamosaurus in the works, but I think that one has to wait , cuz this new leptostyrax is just too awesome, I also hope I finish the giant shark  series soon, after all, there are only about  4 more species to draw :)
Hellraptor Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
☺I wish you luck with the shark project
Sovietmaster Featured By Owner May 27, 2015
When you do Tyrannosaurids/Tyrannosaurus Rex - where do you usually place the proto-feathers or how much area should the proto-feathers cover the body?
Teratophoneus Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2015
good question.  Well, i am not a palaeontologist, and I  dont know exactly how much feathers they had, noone knows cuz there arent eny tyrannosaurs around these days. I actually place them randomly on the body, usually around the neck and then running along the back, while leaving the rest covered ins cales. i think we have skin impressions from albertosaurus that show us that they had scales at least on some parts of their body
Sovietmaster Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2015
Ok, thanks. and how did you get better in paleoart? Did you talk to paleoartists on anatomy points or repeatedly draw skeletal structures?
Teratophoneus Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2015
none of that,it was  a lot of personal research and switching from quanity to quality, in my early days, I drew sometimes 5 pics a day, now I´m having an amazing day if I can finish  2 or 3 pics, cuz it take a lot more research. But the most important point to improve was drawing more and more and gettin more routine, hwoever ,some palaeoartists had a big influence on my drawing style, mainly PaleoKing from whom I learned  to draw my sauropods more accurate.
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