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Nakajima C6N-1 Saiun by Teratophoneus
Nakajima C6N-1 Saiun
The nakajima c6n1, was a japanese reconnasaince aircraft that was introduced late in the war. It was built by nakajima as a fast , carrier borne aircraft, centered around the nakajima homare engine which produced 1850 hp and gave the c6n1 a phenomenal speed of 600 kph which was very fast for such a big aircraft, to achive the speed, the 3 crewmembers sat behind under a long glassed canopy. Unlike most japanese aircraft, the c6n1 wasnt  much of a turner because it   had comparatively short wings to fit onto carriers, thic resulted in a pretty high wing loading. Nevertheless it proofed fast enough to outrun the famous hellcat which had around the same speed. This made the aircraft very very difficult to intercept. Moreover, the c6n1 had self sealing fuel tanks which meant it could take some hits. To fit the aircraft on carriers  the rudder was angled a bit forward like in the earlier tenzan torpedo bomber. Another variant was the c6n S which was propoed as a nighfighter with a single oblique firing 30mm cannon. Today, only one Saiun remains but it is not restored yet. Its allied reporting name was Myrt.

The kit
Its from hasegawqa i 1/48 scale and costs arounf 30 € here in germany.
Detail: Like most hasegawa kits, its pretty damn good, the cockpit looks amazing , the engine is well detailed and the landing gear is well detailed too, it  can be easily built out of the box although I think aftermarket kits are available.
quality:  Although this kit is a little bit older, it still has very good quality, the huge canopy is very very good and clear, and there is little to no flash
Fitting: Unlike most hasegawa kits, I had some problems with the fitting of my c6n1, especially at the wing root, where the fuselage meets the wings, I had to use quite some force to clap it together, the rest fitted fine however
Decals: Not very much decals but they are of  good quality and they are easy to handle
 Extrapoints: A beautiful aircraft and a nice kit, I really like this thing and it is a nice addition to my collection of japanese aircraft
Result: A very very nice kit of one of the most outstanding late war japanese aircraft. As far as I know its the only availabe myrt on the german market but its definetely worth gettin its, its a pretty damn good kit.
Scaphognathus by Teratophoneus
Originally planned this for jp expanded but it wasnt good enough, but I decided to upload it anyways, I will do a new one soon.
Neovenator salerii by Teratophoneus
Neovenator salerii
Neovenator, one of europes biggest theropods. This is the " replacement" for the older Neovenator pick, as i really wasnt pleased with the old one at all, this one looks much better<da:thumb id="363263916">
JP-Expanded Peteinosaurus by Teratophoneus
JP-Expanded Peteinosaurus
Name: Peteinosaurus
Codename: InGen files show no codename for this animal
Wingspan: 60 cm
Diet: Insects
Agressiveness: 10 %-harmless
Dangerousness:3 %- not dangerous

Peteinosaurus is one of inGens earliest clonded pterosaurs, together with the related dimorphodon. These little guys  belong to the smalles memebers of the pterosaur family and were very popular among the keepers who liked the easy handling of these animals. Due to theri non aggressive nature , keepers found it very easy to control and handle these pteroasurs as they rarely caused any trouble. They were alos reportedly very easy to feed, eating almost every kind of insect that fits into their small toothy mouth. Files show that these animal rarely bit, except when they were cornered or treated harshly. They were alos quite intelligent, apparently recognizing the keepers who fed them and also becoming used to gettin touched by them. It is one of very few known cases of peaceful intereactions between the cloned animals of inGen and their keepers. Although pterosaurs, peteinosaurus arent as good at flying as ther higher developed cousins like pteranodon . They have comparatívely short wings and use constant flapping instead of gliding for longer periods. Their flying behaviour has been described as "primitive and not as elegant" as the later pterosaurs. In the wild, peteinosaurus apparently has become increasingly rare, possibly to interactions with higher developed pterosaurs, However, they are abundant in dry areas as they dont need lots of water. The population has been described as stable but decreasing. InGen apparently has a close eye on the population and rumors of a breeding program have been heard in case the population becomes ever more smaller. Peteinosaurus has very good eyesight and is easily recognizable by its very colourful coloration, especially on the wings and head.  Keepers sometimes reffered to them as the parrots among the pterosaurs. Although eating almost any insect, they seem to enjoy dragonflies the most. These animals are present on all of the 5 islands except isla sorna and apparently they are no longer present on Nublar as well.
The new park  is set to include a whole group of these animals. Peteinosaurus is a sem-social animal, while they are not forming structured groups, they arent territorial like other pterosaurs are and it has been reported that groups of peteinosaurus hunt together, however it is specuated that this occureneces occur by accident rather than beeing actively coordinated. Peteinosaurus females lay usually 3 eggs and the males dont take care of these eggs, this is only done by the female.
thats right, guys, I´m back; after almost a year now, I´ve returned, finally with a new scanner, and a new PC. I´m sorry it took so long but now I´m back to post more awesome pics, and boy, I have lots of em. During my absence, lots of things happened-too many to post em and share them with you people, but I never forgot about all of you and I´m glad I´m back here :)


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Robinson Kunz
Current Residence: Germany
Favourite style of art: PalaeoArt
Shell of choice: the shell of a tank?!
Skin of choice: Feathers hairs and of course scales
Favourite cartoon character: annoying orange, Kitty katswell
Personal Quote: T rex rules!

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