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Eotriceratops xerinsularis
Eotriceratops was a genus of titanic ceratopsian dinosaur. The skull alone measures roughly 3 meters in length, the animal itself is estimated to have been around 9 metres long,making it one of the biggest if not the biggest ceratopsian found so far. 
Riojasaurus incertus
Yeah, another prosauropod, tho I dont think it looks as good as my massospondylus I drew some time ago.
Riojasaurus was a rather big "prosauropod" and oe of the biggest early sauropodomorphs. Usually depicted on all fours, this animal was probably more of bipedal nature.
Used Scott hartmans excellent reconstruction as reference…
Arrhinoceratops brachyops
Its been some time since I drew a ceratopsian
Thus is Arrhinoceratops, a ceratopsian I now since my childhood and like mixing up  tuojiangosaurus with kentrosaurus, as a child, I always had problems distinguishing between arrhinoceratops and anchiceratops, the similarity between names doesnt help . Arrhinoceratops is however much different from anchiceratops, for once, arrhiniceratops was much smaller  around 5 metres long. Its horns were pointed outwards a bit . The nasal horn was very small and at first it was thought that this dinosaur didnt have one (hence this dinosaurs name). Its frill was trapezoidal in shape .
´I used this amazing reconstruction as reference… by kana-hebi
and  pics of teh fossil skull . The exact body shape of arrhinoceratops isnt known.
Dilophosaurus wetherilli
Remake of a 2012 pic from me, back then I had the idea to produce a scientifically plausible JP dilophosaurus and this is what came out of it…
Of course my art style has dramatically improved since then and this is how it looks now. Dilophosaurus wetherilli JP style, but scientifically accurate. The frill is made of display feathers  and this time I decided to compltely cover the animals in protofeathers. This has been drawn on A3 paper so its quite big a picture.
Resting King
Late cretaceous, around 67 million years ago: A male Tyrannosaurus rex awakens from its sleep. It lets out a deep moan and raises its huge head and opens its eyes. He looks around his surroundings, taking in the scents and noises of his immediate surrounding, some birds singing high up in the massive trees that spend the big predator shadow, lizards and other small animal hushing through the bushes and pterosaurs screeching and flying over the crowns of the trees. The massive predator feels hunger in its stomach, but the bones lying in and around the resting area are already stripped of any flesh, gnawing on them surely wont be stoppng the hunger. But he cant just go and hunt for prey, He´s on guarding duty : Just behind him, in the shadows of the trees, lies the nest , a big pile of plants and ground matter in which the eggs are bred out. The youngsters are very shortly before hatching and its in this time in which the parents are mostt aware of any animals surrounding the nest, they know that at any time an egg thief could attack the nest and the adults need to be ready for any countermeasures. The males doesnt have tomwait long however for its stomach to be filled: He has picked up the scent of the female that has gone out for hunting the previous day, and the scent hes smelling clearly tells that him  she wont be comin home empty handed.....

Well well, here it is, another scnerey picture and what a pic it is. The reason for doing this was well... ther are a lot of high quality t rex pictures comin out the last months done by various artists, and some have impressed ,e pretty much. Then I looked at my gallery and thought: Damn I need high quality t rex art, something the people look at and think"thats spectacular".  I therefore decided to not depict tyrannosaurus as badass as possible, I went for a more subtle way, showing the king of the dinosaurs, resting, beeing " in harmon" with his surroundings, no bloddy snout, no ripped of triceratops heads anr fighting another t rex for territory, a simple yet  atmospheric picture, depicting the most ferocious predator that walked the land doing stuff you wouldnt exspect from such a dangerous beast. After all however, t rex was still just and animal, not a monster and this is what is shown here(kinda surprising that you get sth like that from me, I´m alll for the badassery beeing shown in t rex).  I carefully took care to make it as high quality and up to date as possible, with featerrs  and stuff, even more so than I usually do for Tyrannosaurids. I sure hope you enjoy this pic

And yes, no lips, teeth are showing, there genereally seems some debate over theropods carried lips that fully sealed their teeth or not. It sure seems legit, but there are also other who point out reasons why t rex should be depicted with its teeth showing. As for me: Well I dont know shit about wether they had lips or not, there are pro reasons and contra reasons, I just like my theropods with their teeth showing, after all thats what makes t rex the most interesting isnt it. So yes, teeth showing, not neccessary because I´m convinced theropods didnt have lips, its more of an artistic and personal thing for me, theropods without their terth showing look......weird for some reason. And as we dont know for certain they had them, I draw them with teeth showing( however I will try o avoid drawing my theropods with closed mouth to basically avoid the question of lips, I dont want some shitstorm unfolding  in the comment section between people about lips or no lips.... it is an art gallery after all)
the tyrannosaur project, which has taken 3 years now, is now almost finished, just one or two reworks and overworks to do and then I can finall ystart putting it all together, I am really proud of it and I hope you are just as excited about the results as I am. This will be my masterpiece , I have done so much research,I put so much energy and time into it, I hope the results will please you :D


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