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Lockheed P-38 Lightning by Teratophoneus
Lockheed P-38 Lightning
Backround: categorized as a heavy fighter, the p 38 was arguably the most successful of the heavy fighters used in WWII. It was also one of the most unconventional aircraft fielded by any nation, with its eg shaped fuselage between a center wing that was connected to twin booms holding the engines and the landing gear. Powered by two powerful allison v 1710 engines, also used in the p 39 and the p 40, giving the p 38 a top speed of 666 kph at altitude. It was very very fast and it really needed that speed because it was a horrific turner-like most twin engine aircraft of that time. P 38s used boom and zoom tactics to score victories and with a good climb rate and decent dive speed, the p 38 was well suited for such attacks. Armed with 4 12,7mm browning machine guns and a single 20mm AN/M2 cannon, the p 38 was pretty weakly armoured for a heavy fighter (other heavy fighters like the me 410 for example had 2 20mm and 2 30mm cannons). but for an american aircraft, this armament was actually pretty heavy. Moreover the entire armamant was put in the nose, givng the p 38 extremely accurate firing, since the guns were not in the wings and therefore didnt converge.  the p 38 was a successful fighter that  when equipped with additional fuel tanks, was an extraordinarily good escort fighter, beeing equipped with a turbocharger that gave the aircraft sufficient power even at high altitude. With that, the p 38 was extensively used in the european and pacific theatre, however it was far more successful in the pacific than in the european theatre, since german aircraft were well able to match the p 38s top speed and could also dive with it fairly easily. Most important was however, that the german fighter such as the 109 or the fw 190 could turn much much better than the p 38. German pilots found it very easy to down a p 38 once it started to turn. When using boom and zoom tactics however, the p 38 was a dangerous opponent and germans gave it the nickname "fork-tailed  devil".  In the pacific,where japanese airpower was not as big a thread anymore as it once was, the p 38 showed its full potential. against the a6m zero the p 38 was superior in every aspect except maneuverability and armament. The lack of a supercharger in most japanese aircraft made it pretty easy to use boom and zoom tactics , giving the p 38 a  huge advantage over most japanese fighters. When the ki 61 hien arrived in 1943, the only thing that was able to counter it was the p 38, showing the mportance of the aircraft. While beeing a fighter, the aircraft also served asa  fighter bomber from time to time, equipped with underwing pylons for bombs or rockets. Today, various p 38s survive in museums and some are also airworthy and can be regularly seen at various airshows.

The Kit: well, first things first: the p 38 is my favourite americna fighter aircraft used in WWII, you can take your mutangs and thunderbolts and shove em- the p 38 is the most beautiful looking americna aircraft of WWII. The kit is the hobby boos 1/72 kit that costs 19 €
Detail: Basic but acceptable, the cockpit detail is actually not that bad, as are the wheel wells. However it could have been better- not that it isnt good, but its just not enough for 5 stars
Quality: Pretty good, the quality was perfect,  no flash,a very very clear canopy and ejector marks only on the inside of the parts so you wont see them in the end, also no sinkamrks
Fitting: Good, not perfect but good, the fuselage fitted well but thre were some problems on other parts, not many tho
Decals: Decals for 2 variants are included, a black and silver aircraft and another pretty colourful one . I dont know why but the black one looked so interesting thats why I went for that one. The decals are ok but rip so easily and also fold up pretty easily
Extras: its a nice kit, and better than the revell one that was a rerelease from an older kit(its actually by FAR better). its not perfect but a good kit, its also very cheap and offers a nice solution for people who want a p 38 in their model arsenal
Result. cheap, well detailed and easy to assemble, this kit is a dream for everyone who wants a quick weekend build. I would highly recommend it, especially beginners will find it easy to assemble and I think its a perfect beginners kit because there arent that mayn parts but its still a well detailed kit, despite its low price
Giant crocs 01 : Purussaurus brasiliensis by Teratophoneus
Giant crocs 01 : Purussaurus brasiliensis
The first of the giant croc series, Purussaurus brasiliensis, a giant caiman from brazil one maybe even the biggest croc of all time. It had a massive skull, that could be almost 2 metres long and had massive teeth.
Posture partially based on this pic…
The propertions seem a little bit off but heay, I dont draw crocs that often. The tail might seem a bit short but I´ve seen many reconstructions of this beast with a comparatively short tail
The tyrannosaur project is still on its way and I hope to finish the final chart this year. I would focus my attention to this project but the advent of jurassic world has changed my focus to  the jp expanded series for the moment. However there is a new series I am planning: the giant croc series. Similar to the tyrannosaur project this will be a chart of the most gigantic crocs ever to roam the earth, it will include pics of deinosuchus, sarcosuchus purussaurus and stuff, but also some very very unknown species like piscogavialis and stuff.
JP-Expanded Basilosaurus by Teratophoneus
JP-Expanded Basilosaurus
Another redo of an older pic, the first basilosaurus looked awful, this one is so much better

Name: Basilosaurus cetoides
Codename: "sea serpent"
Meaning: Kingly lizard
Period: Eocene
Lenth: males up to 22 metres, females 18 metres
Weight: unknown, so far there werent any measurements in the park to distinguish its weight.
Agressiveness: 75% AGRESSIVE
Dangerousness: 100% EXTREMELY DANGEROUS!
Basilosaurus is a giant prehistoric whale that looks more like a sea serpent than a whale. The animal is a new sb breed for the park and isnt going to live around the 5 dinosaur inhabited island. This huge marine predator got a huge new area on the secon island of the 2013 park and is a main attraction there. As the inGen scientists found out, the animal lives mostly in shallower waters where it hunts big fish, squids and other bigger sea animals. Because of its small chest, basilosaurus is forced to come to the surface to catch air more often than normal wales. This measn that the animal can bee seen often on the surface. Basilosaurus has 44 huge teeth for catching and killing prey. The animals are coloured yellow at the belly with grey spots,the rest of the body is blue . So far , Basilosaurus hasnt killed a human yet, they seem to be not very agressive to humans. Keepers reported that they have already swum with those animals. They are very intelligent and fast and agile swimmers. Basilosaurus can be agressive when its hungry, keepers reportet that they are very rough and angry when they arent fed regurarly. If so the animal attacks everything what comes near it. The attack of a hungry basilosaurus has been described as "a frenzy that even a feeding frenzy of sharks cant match". As Basilosaurus was bred, they were kept in a big water tank. They have already been brought to the island. 2 females and 1 male have been bred so far. The males are bigger than the females. Our 3 animals are still youngsters, only 6 years old and are not fully grown, they are however already 7 metres long and are exspected to grow fast in the next years, ultimately becoming 20metre long killing machines. The length of the adults has been taken from fossillized animals . So these measurements may have to been changed in the future. On the pic you can see the female youngster. The animals have been described as very curious and intelligent. They cant sing as modern whales do becasue the organ that whales have to produce these sound is missing in basilosaurus. The 3 basilosaurus will be put in a big area at the coast of the second island and it is planned that the park will offer diving trips in the basilosaurus paddock. Boating tours are thought o be a problem a the propellers may hurt the animals if they come too close. It was stated that a new sub,similar of that used in the mosasaur paddock is in the development for sub tours in the basilosaurus cage. This sub has a prop that is covered by a grille and has a quiet electro engine. Basilosaurus can hear very good and its eyes are also good developted.

The posture is based on this amazing picture by
Majungasaurus Crenatissimus by Teratophoneus
Majungasaurus Crenatissimus
Majungasaurus, a well known abelisaur. It lived in madagascar and is so far madagascars biggest known confirmed theropod(razanandrongobe is bigger but it isnt known if it is a dinosaur or another sort of archosaur) It is known for its ridiculously short arms and legs and a long stretched body, its kinda like the snake of the dinosaurs. It was around 7-8 metres long and it also known as majungatholus( a much cooler name in my opinion).
The tyrannosaur project is still on its way and I hope to finish the final chart this year. I would focus my attention to this project but the advent of jurassic world has changed my focus to  the jp expanded series for the moment. However there is a new series I am planning: the giant croc series. Similar to the tyrannosaur project this will be a chart of the most gigantic crocs ever to roam the earth, it will include pics of deinosuchus, sarcosuchus purussaurus and stuff, but also some very very unknown species like piscogavialis and stuff.


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Robinson Kunz
Current Residence: Germany
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Shell of choice: the shell of a tank?!
Skin of choice: Feathers hairs and of course scales
Favourite cartoon character: annoying orange, Kitty katswell
Personal Quote: T rex rules!

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