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JP-Expanded Tyrannosaurus 2.0 by Teratophoneus
JP-Expanded Tyrannosaurus 2.0
well guys, life at the moment is pretty damn hard for me, hence the abscence of new stuff the last days and weeks. Basically my whole life is falling apart and I am constantly under extreme stress and pressure and therefore I have hardly any time finishing new art . However among all the chaos I uncovred an unfinished piece that i started months ago (after I whatched Jurassic world) and I finally found the time of finishing it. In the pic itself you can see how  all that stress and chaos that i am enduring has even affected some of my art. The head was done months ago when everything was normal , most of the body, legs and tail where finished last week and dont look that good compared to the head or neck area. I hope that future artwork will not be affected by this to such an extent but only time will show :(
But yeah, what we have here is a new t rex for Jp expanded. Seeing how many like the new way I have gone with the series in setting Jurassic paradise in the future, I thought why not incorporate new stuff and chane things with completely new backstories etc. The result of all that thinkin is paritally shown here, a  partially feathered t rex, with battlescars and everything, gums, lips, filamentous featheres and stuff yet with the appearence(mostly) of a true JP T rex

Name: Tyrannosaurus rex
Codename:"Crusher", "Thrasher"
Lenght: up to 13 metres
Weight: 6-8 tons
Aggressiveness: 100% EXTREMELY AGGRESSIVE!
Dagerousness: 100% EXTREMELY DNAGEROUS!

Tyrannosaurus basically is the embodiement of power and has always been the main attraction of the jurassic parks that have been created. While Tyrannosaurus is a hue attraction, it is also a very hard animal to control. Its easily the most powerful theropod recreated by inGen and quite intelligent for such a big dinosaur. Its jaw can bite  down with a force of 3,5 tons, giving it the hardest bite of any theropod and tyrannosaurs have shown that quite often during their life at jurassic Park/world/paradise. The first tyrannosaurs cloned by inGen were rather small, probably due to a genetic defect , they were only 9 -10 metres long when fully grown and were kept on Isla Sorna as they were labelled a failure by the inGen gentic staff. These 5 individuals which escaped after Isla Sorna was given up, are now thought to have been the ancestors of a tyrannosaur sub race known as the canyonee t rex. The 6th tyrannosaurus bred, a female dubbed "rexy", became a legend in Jurassic Park history, almost a celebrity among keepers, rexy managed to save people on 2 occasions, first in 1993 and again in 2015. Rexy died in 2019 . By then, inGen decided to use bird DNA to fill up the holes in the dna sequences, to make the dinosaurs more natural lookin. For budget reasons and to honor "Rexy", the DNA of Rexy was used as the basis for a new breed of tyrannosaurus, dubbed tyrannosaurus 2.0. Rexys DNA was taken and teh sequences filled with frog dna remoed and replaced with bird DNA. The resulting animals appeared much different from the first gen of tyrannosaurus bred. The new tyrannosaurs have feathery filaments running down their back which is the most notable feature of the new T rex generation. Other differences include the absence of the sight defect  ( in which tyrannosaurus could only see objects that move). The overall shape however, hasnt changed. The new T rexes are the main attraction of Jurassic paradise, inGens latest try at a  sucessful Jurassic park . The park has 3 individuals at the moment, although more are planned to be added, bringin their number to 4-5 animals for the big tyrannosaur kingdom enclosure. Shown here is the parks biggest female T rex, nicknamed "rex two", she is 11 metres long at the moment and already carries battlescars all over her body from squabbles with her siblings. she is missing one of her fingers which makes her quite easy to distinguish. She is also missing  some skin on her tail. The color of teh animals hasnt changed, males are still greenish in colour with a light underbelly and females sare still greyish brown with some dark brown stripes along their back. These stripes begin to fade in very old individuals as could be seen in Rexy. Tyrannosaurus is a warm blooded hunter, although it will eat already dead prey as well. The animals are known for becoming easily stresssed when not fed regularly and they have a very big appetite.  Battles between tyrannosaurus are very fierce and often result in injuries. However ,their strong immune system which is some of the best of all dinosaur can easily cope with such injuries. At the moemnt the park has 2 females and 1 male. While Tyrannosaurus usually live in small family clans, rexy two seems to be more solitary, this was one of the reasons she got her nickname, since she stays alone like the her predecessor whch was the only tyrannosaurus ever brought  on nublar. Tyrannosaurs are unpredicatble eating machines, their immense power making them almost uncontrollable. When fed however they can become quite calm actually.  Still, you should never  underestimate the king of the dinosaurs, especially the male tyrannosaurus, while smaller, are more aggressive due to their high testosterone level and they can get enraged in matter of seconds during mating time. Tyrannosaurus fears nothing and the animal will defend its territotry till death if neccessary.
Sinraptor dongi by Teratophoneus
Sinraptor dongi
Sinraptor , in my opinion one of the most beautiful theropods  from asia. He belongs to a family of in my opinion very interestingtheropods, the metriacanthosauridae which are among my favourite theropods. Sinraptor included 2 species, S. dongi and S. hepingensis thoughb the latter is disputed. Sinraptor dongi was roughly 8 metres long.
This one was drawn severeal months ago but only now I found the time to finish the tail and upload it. I drew this without any references at vocational school, so this might not be 100%acccurate.
Lion of the jurassic by Teratophoneus
Lion of the jurassic
There are far too few allosaurus in my gallery.  So i decided to change that and give you my impression of how an adult allosaurus would look. I think this is one of my best pictures. Espeially like how the colours on the head turned out.

Allosaurus was one of the biggest jurassic theropods. It was also one f the most widest distributed, fossils were found in north america, europ and I think africa. Allosaurus was a carnosaur and is one of the best known dinosaurs and aso one of the most popular. It was about 8-9 metres long though fragmentary remains suggest a size of up to 12 metres. 2 other genus, Epanterias and saurophaganax may represent giant specimens of allosaurus. These are estimated to have reached a size of 12 or even 13 metres, making them as big as tyrannosaurus in length!. Allosaurus jaws were quite weak actually, its bite pressure didnt exceed that of a modern lion. However it used its head like a battle axe, striking down on its preys most vulnerable areas . The teeth were curvd back and serrated to rip through flesh. Allosaurus fossils are comparatively common , showing how widely distributed this carnivore was.
German destroyer Z-26 by Teratophoneus
German destroyer Z-26
Z 26 was a  type 1936A class destroyer, also known as narvik class destroyers. These were the primarily used destroyers by germany and they were quite unusually machines. Equipeed with turbines producing 70000 shaft horsepower they were able to reach 37 and a half knots. They were pretty large for destroyers at 127 metres long and 2600 tons heavy.  What set them apart  from other destryers was their unusually powerful armament: While most US and IJN destroyers had 127 mm guns and the few built russian destroyers had 130mm, the german destroyers of this class had 150mm guns, the biggest calibre of any destroyer class used in WWII. With that armament and  their size they were actually closer to light cruisers than the average destroyer. In addition they carried 8 533mm torpedo tubes with two quad launchers sitting admidships.  Several 37mm and 20mm guns comprised the anti aircraft artillery of the ship. The number of AA guns was continuesly incresed as war progressed.  They were also able to lay minefields  and had a capacity for 60 mines. A sub class the type 1936A (mob) also existed , these received the  twin 15 cm turret on the front instead of the single gun mount. These improved firepower but also made the ship front heavy . They were good ships but had their problems. The ships had poor handling especially in rough seas. They also had troublesome engines. They were also fitted with an active sonar by 1939 and  a hydrophone was also carriedd to detect submarines.
Z 26 had a relatively short career, she was lost on her first major battle in 1942 , while attacking a convoy, she and her destroyer group were intercepted by british destroyers  and a light cruser which managed to sink z 26 after the destroyer had managed to sink a freighter. Of the total 15  narvik destroyers built, 5 were lost during the war, the rest was taken over by oher navies following the end of the war.

The kit: This is a dragon kit, and what a kit it is. Its in 1/350 and consists of a shit ton of parts. It costs around 50€.

Detail: absolutely amazing. The detail is thi kits strongest point. I really love the detail on all the plastic parts but then the kit also comes with 2 photo etched platines. However some of the details are just way too exxagerrated to  apply them. For example the mines have 4 small appendages that come ia photo etched parts. These are so ridiculously small that I just coudnt apply them. The little 2 cm guns consist of 5 or 6 parts(no kidding) , half of them small PE parts. What i really like is the radar mast, its really nicely done and of course the guns also look really realsitic, the detail they put into the 37mm guns is jut ridiculous( but again very very difficult to apply). I also like that mines are included. The main guns also look very good. The kit scores full points in detail

quality: Very very good, excellent parts, no flash, no sinkmarks, the kit is fantastic in terms of quality. The PE parts aer also very nicely done.

Fitting: Excellent fitting for even the smallest parts. The hull fits nicely  on the ship as well as does the deck

Decals: Well there arent any decals but I actually dont know if there werent any ensigns or stuff like that on the german destroyers. Until recently I have to admit, I didnt really know that much about the navies of WWII, I knew the capital ships but not much about the smaller vessels and how they were structured and stuff like that, only now I am beginning to leanr all the facts about these ships. However I am not sure if there  should be decals in this kit

Extrapoints: What i like about the kit apart from the amazing detail, is that you can choose between a full hull kit and a waterline. This is sth that I liek about these dragon and also trumpeter kits and prefer them to the normal hasegawa ship models, because the hasegawa kits are often only available as waterline models( the same goes for fujimi kits which are otherwise excellent, sth i will soon show since I am now the proud owner of a 1/350 kongo class battleship from fujimi). I like that you can choose between waterline and full hull.

Result: I really like the kit. Its just so well detailed, realy really well.  The kit might be quite expensive but believe me, its worth it.   Also its a really good lookin ship, like most german ships it manages to combine elegance with that powerful look that basically every german ship of WWII has.  The ship is a true 5 star kit, an excellent model that is however not suitable for beginners because of all the small (PE) parts
So, I almost finsihed moving and setting stuff up, we will get our internet next thursday, so I will be able to upload stuff then. I already have an austroraptor and giganotosaurus almost finished . :)


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Robinson Kunz
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Shell of choice: the shell of a tank?!
Skin of choice: Feathers hairs and of course scales
Favourite cartoon character: annoying orange, Kitty katswell
Personal Quote: T rex rules!

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