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Hey folks, i am currently moving. This sadly means that there wont be coming art until at least december. I already packed my scanner and drawing material  and I have to install a new interent modem and stuff until I can upload new art. After that, business will continue as usual, I already have 2 pics finished that will be uploaded as soon as everything is set up.

USS Maryland BB 46 by Teratophoneus
USS Maryland BB 46
Backround: USS Maryland was a colorado class battleship of the us navy. The second colorado to be finished, Maryland mounted 8 16 inch guns, after the japanese nagato with her 8 inch guns prompted the americans to put this gun calibre on their ships as well. The colorado calls was the final class of standard type battleships and were essentially a repeat of the preceeding tennessee class except the switch to a larger gun calibre. The colorados were around 190 metres long, comparatively small battleships but they were heavily armored, up tp 343 mm belt armour and turret faces 457 mm thick. A striking features on these and preceeding standard battleships are the lare masts with their distinctive wire like appearence. Maryland had 4 screws and the colorados had  a top speed of  21 knots, which was pretty slow. Maryland was present at the attack on pearl harbour but was only slightly damaged  and quickly repaired,. She was subsequently used during the rest of the war.  At the end of the war, maryland was used to repatriate americna soldiers back to the US. Maryland was sold for scrap in 1959. Yeah, the history part is kinda short, but to be honest, I dont really know that much about the american battleships except the iowas. This is because I dont find the american BBs that interesting, they just dont have the elegance of the german battleships or the  beauty of the japanese BBs and I dont know that much about them, although i am trying to leanr more about these ships at the moemnt.

The kit: A trumpeter 1/700, my first american battleship in that sclae and the third 1/700 ship in my collection(MyHMS Warspite and the narvik class destroyer will be uploaded soon here). It costs 34€

Detail: Pretty damn good, the overall detail is very very well made. Guns and deck structures all look excellent and the two OS2U kingfisher floatplanes that come with the kit are absolutely stunning, very well made. Also included are a lot of PE parts lik the cranes or the aircraft catapult and stuff.
Quality: Pretty good, no flash but the bow has  a noticeable sinkmark on each side
Fitting:  Fitting was good, no major problems, I only had some small problems with the bridge structure
Decals: A few decals ar included as well and they have overall good quality
Extrapoints: The guns are movable and there a re some options to choose from(lik the gun barrels-there is an early and late type) The manual is also well done. The little aircraft are a marvel. However 34€ is a bit expensive for such a small kit
Result: A very nice ship, another example of how good the 700 sclae ships of trumpeter are, this will definetely not be the last kit of them in this sclae that I will buy! The build is pretty much straightforward but because of lots of PE parts I wouldnt recommend the kit for beginners
Dimetrodon by Teratophoneus
Took a while tofinish, have a lot of other projects at the momentt( including  the battleship kongo in 1/350 and a narvik class destroyer), and also my sister and I will  move soon which means that in november and december there wont be much artwork(depends on how soon we get  new internet connection and stuff. But for now heere we have dimetrodon based on  the latest finding of the animal. Apparently the spines werent covered to the tip with the sail and as I´ve heard the tips were covered in collagen. Also, the animal was able to "highwalk" . Also, the animals has been fleshed up especially on the head which really gives it a muh more mammalian look actually. I´m not a 100 % satisfied with the hindlegs but I think its good enough. I didnt had any specific species of dimetrodon in mind but I think it looks the closest to D. milleri

I decided to depict dimetron male how it would have maybe looked in mating season, very colourful and stuff
Ballpen Dragon doodle by Teratophoneus
Ballpen Dragon doodle
done during break, just a quick sketch of a six legged dragon and unusual for me , done with a black ballpen, not usually my style but hey , i didnt have a pencil lying around during break so I used a ballpen. At first it was just a quick 30m minute doodle but I decided it was good enouhg to share it with you folks
Preview by Teratophoneus
Yeah, I finally got my finger out my arse and decided to jump on the bandwaggon, so here you see how my take on the "new " dimetrodon will look. Keep in mind that ther are some things that I will change like the legs which seem to look a little bit too powerful in my pic and the animal itself also appears a bit too bulky here.
Hey folks, i am currently moving. This sadly means that there wont be coming art until at least december. I already packed my scanner and drawing material  and I have to install a new interent modem and stuff until I can upload new art. After that, business will continue as usual, I already have 2 pics finished that will be uploaded as soon as everything is set up.



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Robinson Kunz
Current Residence: Germany
Favourite style of art: PalaeoArt
Shell of choice: the shell of a tank?!
Skin of choice: Feathers hairs and of course scales
Favourite cartoon character: annoying orange, Kitty katswell
Personal Quote: T rex rules!

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Love your style man! It's so detailed and cool; what do you use? (charcoal, mechanical pencil, pen, etc.)
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any trilobites you would like to suggest for my new project?…
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Teratophoneus Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2015
I dont really feel like continuing it at the moment, I still have it in my "needs to be finished" folder but dont exspect it to appear in the next weeks, I will finish it eventually but I dont know when, there is just so much other stuff i want to focus at the moment
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hey, have u drwn Siats Meekerorum yet, if not, will u ever draw one
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Thanks for the fav, love your work man, keep on doing your great job
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Just want to say that I love your work. You really bring these animals to life. And to ask, have you ever held any interest for prosauropods? I.e., Massospondylus, Thecodontosaurus, Plateosaurus, etc.?
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