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Seeing all the hype for jurassic world  I am restarting the JP expanded series at the moment, and I am also thinking  of changing the current logo. I have a very cool idea how it will look, the uestion is, do you want a new logo , because I want a new one but I also wanna know what the fans of my JP expanded series want, so there you guy, leave your sugggestion below :)
Seeing all the hype for jurassciw orld  I am restarting the JP expanded series at the moment, and I am also thinking  of changing the current logo. I have a very cool idea how it will look, the uestion is, do you want a new logo , because I want a new one but I also wanna know what the fans of my JP expanded series want, so there you guy, leave your sugggestion below :)
JP-Expanded SB Titanoboa by Teratophoneus
JP-Expanded SB Titanoboa

yeah, titanoboa, again, I felt that the old one wasnt good enough and didnt show the massive size of this snake, this one here does show the massive appearence of the king of snakes.

Name: Titanoboa cerrejonensis
Codename: "Megaconda"
Length: 13 metres
Weight: 1,135 tons
Agressiveness: 97%- VERY AGRESSIVE
Dangerousness: 100%-EXTREMELY DANGEROUS

The king of snakes, Titanoboa! This huge snake is the biggest of all and was specially bred for inGens 2013 parks reptilian house which will be built on the now expanded new island. This expansion will link both island which have two different themes: The main island is for dinosaurs and archosaurs, the other for other prehistoric animasl. On this second island a reptile house is built atthe moment for big reptile of prehistoric times. One of the biggest of those is titanoboa a giant snkae which belongs to the boas. This snake was bred in 2010 and is at the moment on a secret island where they live until the reptile house is finished. InGen says, that two are bred for the park. It was first planned to put hem into a cage,but although they are huge, they can slip away easily through the cages. So they will be put in a huge terrarium ,outfitted with a swampy terrain. The walls will be made out plexiglass. The temperature will be around 35 degrees. The huge snakes werent easy to handle, they tried to break free 3 times but they were caught every time. Titanoboa is a extremely muscular animal, its huge coils can sqeeze even big animals to death in a matter of minutes. They are fed with goats and small cows. Titanobo is like all snakes a cold blooded killer and doesnt need much food. It is fed 1 time in a month. This feeding however is spectacular and is thought to be a big atttraction on the reptilian house. Titanoboa is coloured brownish with a yellow body ith mulitple spots. Titanoboa prefers swampy terrain and behaves m uch like a anaconda,hence its codename "Megaconda". Their attack method is a surprise attack from the murky,plant grown waters they live in,these snakes are still very fast . In the mornings, they like to take a sunbath. This wii be made with heatlamps in the reptile house. Females are bigger than males and one male and one female was bred so far. As they are a sb (special breed) , they wont be put on one of the five islands were dinosaur live.
JP-Expanded Coelophysis by Teratophoneus
JP-Expanded Coelophysis
Name: Coelophysis bauri
Codename: "Constrictor"
lenght : 3 metres
Time: late triassic
dangerousness: 70%.can be dangerous if encountered in great numbers
aggressiveness: 60%- may react agrressive, handle with caution

Coelophysis is one of the earliest dinosaurs and was present in the first park. These animals are very bizarre for a number of reasons: First of all its very very light and lean , some keepers describe it as the snake of the dinosaurs because of its long stretched and lean body structure. Some keepers have also described this animal to constrict its victims with its body, wrapping their body around the prey. While this has been dismissed by inGen, this behaviour might be a misidentification  because coelophyis hunt in very large packs and when they attackall together, the victim is basically encircled by coelophysis, sometimes  beeing buried below numerous coelophysis and basically suffocating that way. Coelophysis hunt in exceptionally large groups, in the wild these groups can contain 100 to 200 animals. They usually patrol the coastal shore of the islands where they live but are also known to scout forests from time t time, basicaly flushing out any animal that fits their mouth.  Male coelophysis are grey with green stripes along theri back, while the slightly larger females have a grey body with dark grey to black backs. Thesse animals were present inn the first park but they havent been seen much since the 1993 incident and the big clearence of isla nublar in 2012 in which most dinosaur were captured and transported to the other island or just been kept there for the new park that will open in june 2015, didnt bring a large number of these animals. This could be to possvble competition with other smaller carnivores like troodon and herrerasaurus.. They are pretty intelligent for such primitive dinosaurs. However their pack structure is not very structured at all, they are basically big gangs just  patrolling the island and eating anything that fits them, they are even known to cannibalize from time to time. The new park will have a smaller group of this animal in a large enclosure. Coelophysis seem to prefer  sandy areas like costs or beaches where they often scavenge washed up marine life.

To keep everything canonical, my coelophysis´ colour schemes were taken from the jp toys coelophysis
Panzerjaeger Nashorn by Teratophoneus
Panzerjaeger Nashorn
Backround: The Nashorn was a self proppeled anti tank vehicle. Based on a modified panzer IV chassis, the Nahorn mounted the powerful 88mm pak anti tank gun, acle to kill every enemy tank in the world in wwii. The NAshorn was lightly armoured  so it had to use  surprise attacks or well planned defensive postions to be operated with success. These so called panzerjägers ( vehicles like the marder series) were ideal for ambush tactis, beeing lightly armoured  with extremely powerful guns and quite maneuverable. The nashorn was first called the hornisse (hornet) until hitler himself ordered the name changed because it wasnt suitable for a tank . Same happened to the Hummel and Wespe howitzers. Since then, the Hornisse was called the Nashorn (rhinoceros). These vehicles proofed very effective , especially on the eastern front, but they also fought with success in italy. On the Western front they were not as common, althouh one Nashorn managed to kill a  m 26 pershing in an ambush attack in the last months of the war. 

The kit: I first built this kit when I was quite young and at that time it was the best kit I ever did. However that was long ago and today I dotn have it anymore ( I think I threw it away after I had salvaged the majority of the parts as replacement parts for future tank kits to come when needed).  So, because I remembered the kit quite well and because revell rereleased it  in 2014, I decided to get it again. Its in 1/72 and costs 12€.

Detail: Very good for a kit of its scale. As a youngster, I was impressed by the high number of parts and the excellent detailed 88mm gun . The kit is really well detailed
Quality: despite beeing a rerelease the quality is perfect
Fitting: Despite fiddly parts, this kit fits together very well, except for the upper plane on the front where I had to cut it a bit to fit correctly. The gun parts might be fiddly but fit very good
Decals: Revell decals-´nough said
Extrapoints: Its a very nice kit, and a real cool subject, i always like the Nashorn tank destroyer. The kit is extremely good for 1/72 and I´m glad I rebought it after so many year
Result. A really really nice kit, another shinign example of revells excellent 1/72 tank kits. This kit is highly recommended except for beginner because of lots and lots of small parts. Any expereinced modellers wont have problems with this little gem. This kit really brought back childhood memories, I´m glad I have it now again and this time perfectly built, although I will probably repaint it someday because I´m not wuite satisfied with the paintjob.
Seeing all the hype for jurassic world  I am restarting the JP expanded series at the moment, and I am also thinking  of changing the current logo. I have a very cool idea how it will look, the uestion is, do you want a new logo , because I want a new one but I also wanna know what the fans of my JP expanded series want, so there you guy, leave your sugggestion below :)


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Skin of choice: Feathers hairs and of course scales
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Personal Quote: T rex rules!

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