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Messerschmitt Me 262 A1a U4
One of the most iconic aircraft of WWII is the messerschmitt me 262 jet fighter. Deesigned  as an aircraft  to intercept bombers, teh 262 took a lot from the he 280.  The 262 was  first flown in 1942 but with prop engine power and as a tail sitter. Since the airflow  was not enough to reach the elevators in that position, the layout was changed to a tricycle anding gear. Power was provided by two Jumo 004B jet engines. At first it was planned to install the bmw 003 but that engine wasnt availbale in time so the heavier jumo unit was chosen. While heavier, the engine was significantly more powerful, (8,8 KN vs 7,8 Kn) allowing  for a top speed of 860 kph. Armament was extremely heavy, consiting of 4 30mm Mk 108 cannons, giving teh aircraft a burst mass of ovr 14 kg per second. The gun was a lighter version of the long barreled mk 103 and was able to fire at a much higher rpm than the 103 but at the expense of far less accuracy and it also had a tendency to jam after around 100 shots(which wasnt  that much of a problem since the 262 only carried 100 rounds per gun(80 rounds for the lower pair)). All armament was concentrated in the nose A gun camera was installed in the front as well. The wings were slightly swept back. The aircraft had very good visibility from its cockpit and the aircraft prooved to be easier to fly than a 109 G. It was light on the controls and pleasant to fly according to its pilot. However the engines were unrelaible and often flamed out. They also had very poor performacne figures at low speed, they needed  much more time to accelerate than piston powered aircraft. At high rpm  and higher speed the 004 truely showed its potential. Thrust at these kind of speed was mch bigger and the aircraf ould reach almost 900 kph in ideal conditions. Its climb rate was aclso quite impressive for an early jet aircraft. The 262 wasnt much of a dogfighter, witha  wing loading nearing the 300 kg region  it had a larger turning circle than propeller driven aircraft and especially at low speeds it was very very plump to turn . At higher speeds however it could turn much better, its swept wings and flaps at the front leading edge of the wing allowed it to turn surprisingly well at high speeds. It also had exceptionally good energy retention, beeing able to stay ina  turn at high speed and holding that speed much longer than allied propeller fighters. Because of its heavy weight and powerful engines combined with 9its clean aerodynamics, the 262 was very good ina  dive, accelerating fast but beeing difficult to pull out from because it didnt have any dive brakes. The armament also wasnt really suited for fighting with more nimble aircraft, since the 108 cannon had low muzzle velocity . Even against bombers , pilots could find it difficult to aim given the  bad ballistics and trjaectory of teh 108 projectile. It only had an effective range of about 600metres and at the high speeds the 262s came in for their attack, this meant pilots only had  very short time to aim and fire the guns.In the skies on the western front, allied pilots soon learned to fear the contrails of  jet aircraft as the 262 was virtualy untouchable in the sky when flown by an expereinced pilot. Nothing in  the skies of europe was able to catch the 262 (except the me 163 which was also german) and with its impressive armament and good rate of climb teh 262 was an ideal aircraft for bomber interception, a role in which the 262 scored a large number of killls against american ehavy bombers. Some 262 added firepower by mounting 24 R4M Orkan rocket under the wings, firing them into a stream of bombers and tehn attacking with their guns afterwards.  On the ground or whens tarting or landing the 262 was however very vulnerable as it ddint react well to fast throttle increse  and was clumsy to fly at low speed. Most 262 lost by enemy aircraft were destroyed in such positions or on the ground awaiting fuel that was sparse in the closing stages of wwi for the germans. The 262 was steadily worked on and more complex and sophisticated variant of the fighter were already developed or under development. The C series was equipped with rocket boosters that allowed them to climb at ridiculous speed, similar to the me 163 komet. The a1 u4 variant featured a massive 50mm auto cannon for engagin enemy bombers at long range. The B1 U2 variant was used as a  nightfighter and the HG series of prototypes and designs were used for high speed research.  Plans to install the Mg 213 revolver cannon were also egun and the weapon was ready to be test fitted  but this never occured due to the end of the war. interestingy enough the 262 could have been in the sky much more earlier if hitler wasnt so insisted of this aircraft beeing primarily used as a bomber. Bomber variants existed of this aircraft but the bombs were difficult to aim and as a whole the aircraft wasnt very successfu in this role, it clearly was a fighter  and not a bomber. The decision of hitler to use it as a bomber sounds even more ridiculius if you consider that the luftwaffe already had a jet powered bomber at their hands, the arado 234, that was far better suited for the role.
This variant of the 262 was an antibomber destroyer armed with a 50mm automatic cannon Mk 214  derived from the Bordkanone BK 5 series. It had a high rate of fire for its caliber. The nose wheel had to twist 90 degrees to fit into its well because of the massive cannon taking up all the space . Only 2 of these aircraft could be produced before wars end and on its single mission flown, the first aircrafts cannon jammed.
Cymbospondylus natans
Cymbospondylus, one of the biggest ichthyosaurs, it seems that the biggest ichthyosaurs thrived during the triassic while all later form remained comparatively small. Cymbospondylus was one of the most unusual ichthyosaurs, looking rather mosasaur like . It could grow 10 metres long, its skull alone measuring 1 metre. Ichthyosaurs were covered in very very fine and small scales apparently, I tried therefore to make the scales extremely small, even smaller than in my usual drawing technique, yet I think it still turned out to "scaly". Future ichthyosaur drawing probably will be done without any scales but smooth lokin skin since the scales would be too small to be seen probably. But hey its my first ichthyosaur drawing(yeah really) and for that I think its pretty impressive.
Messerschmitt Me 410 B-2 Hornisse
Backround :
Designed as the follow on to the bf 110 or better the flawed me 210, the messerschmitt 410 was the pinnacle of the german Zerstörer line.  The Me 410 was powered by 2 Daimler Benz Db 603 engines , the largest displacement piston aero engine of germany. Each engine developed 1750 PS, which was enough to propel the sleek me 410 to a respectable 624 kph. While this was not fast enough to protect it from fighters like teh p 51, it was considerably faster than its predecessor the me 110. The machine was developed from the me 210, the follow o desing to the bf 110 however the 210 suffered from severe flaws in its desing mainly instability which led to a number of accidents. The improvements were so many that the aircraft was given a new number to avoid  any similaritied with its flawed predecessor. The aircraft was now a bit longer the wing shape changed and the engine was the db 603 in contrast to the me 210s db 601. The cockpit was roomy and had seats for 2 , a pilot and a rear gunner/radio operator. The aircraft efensive armamnt consisted of 2 mg 131 in a FDL 131 remmote controlled  barbettes behind the cokcpit mounted on the fuselage sides. these gave the aircraft a wide area of fire. Main armament consisted in teh basic variant the A-1 in 2 7,92mm machine guns and 2 20mm mg 151 20 autocannon but subsequent variasnts caried all sorts of armament, some anti bomber variants were even fitted with 50mm autocannons . The first batch of Me 410s were directly convertedfrom me 210s, these wre designated me 410 a, all later aircraft which were completely new constructed carried the B suffix. The most commonly used weapons upgrades consisted of an additional pair of 20mm cannons bringing them to 2, fitment of a pair of the extremely powerful 30mm Mk 103 cannon or fitment of the massive BK 5 50mm autocannon for use against bombers. These weapons were placed in the aircrafts forward bomb bay-yes, thie airraft actually had a bomb bay directly beneath the cokpit. The aircraft could carry  severeal types of bombs, in fact it was so powerful that it could actually carry more ordnance than fitted in its bomb bay! The me 410 , much like the ju 88 was used  in a lot of combat scenarios, tough designed as a zerstörer, many were used as high speed bombers, its quite high speed, only marginally slower than the de havilland mosquito in factm made it much more survivable than other light or medium bombbers of the german luftwaffe and its powerful offensive and effective defensive armament mad eita good intruder as well. It was also heavily used in teh reconnasaince role, especially when air supremacy of the allies resulted in the anti bomber variants beeing retired, Me 410s surved almost exclusively and very successful as high speed recon birds. The me 410 was a heavy aircraft , and despite its powerful engines its climb rate remained poor as did its maeuverability compared to e´single engined fighters(though its rate of roll was pretty decent for an aircraft of its size). Yet its good dive  capabilities and very heavy armament could certainly make the difference in a dogfight.  Me 410s were used heavily in the defense of the reich and especially the A1 U4 variant with its massive 50mm gun was feared by allied bomber plaes as it could snipe at bombers from  a kilometer away, where the bombers defensive guns were useless. However the 50mm gun had its draw backs, it made the aircraft even more sluggish, it had a tendency to jam and only 21 rounds could be carried. On the other hand a single hit with He ammo was enough to obliterate any heavy bomber. t´There were also  anti shipping variants and coastal patrol versions built/planned, the B6 R2 for example carried the hohentwiel  FuG 200 radar. The aircraft was well liked by its pilots who liked its improved performance. However by the time it was introduced allied planes already started to gain air superiority so the me 410 never lived up to its potential. Before long range fighters like the mustang appeared the me 410 squads reigned death and destruction on the alied bomber formations, however oce esorts appeared the me 410s had a hard time, suffering severe losses at times but also inflicting terrible losses themselves on allied bombers. When it was too dangerous for 410s to operate against bombers they were used as recon planes and also as high spped night intruders where they were successfully used over britain.  Why this thing wasnt used as a night fighters still blazes my mind, the b 110 was an amazingly successful nightfighter and the improved 410 would have probably been even better, why it wasnt used in that ole I dont know.
Today only one me 410 exists

The kit: well finally I own a me 410, its my favoruite heavy fighter together with the ki 83. This 1 /72 kit comes from italeri and costs if I remeber correctly 14 bucks
Detail: Not bad but not impressive either the cokcpit is acceptable, the landing gear bay is not at all detailed but you cant see much of it anyways so it doesnt really matter. The surface detail is crisp
Quality: Good quality, the clear parts are good as is the rest of the kit
Fitting: I had no problems with the fitting everything went fine together
Decals: Nice decals , very very good in terms of quality, however I miss all the warning signs and stuff
Extrapoints: Its my favourite heavy fighter   and an absolute beauty, it has such sleek and elegant lines,  it really is an amazing aircraft, the kit comes with spinnable propellers and it can easily be upgraded, for example I took some leftover barrels from 2 mk 103s and transformed this kit of an A1 high speed bomber into a B2 Zerstörer. In itself the kit is ok but not perfect, however for its  low price this is really good
Conclusion: A nice kit also suited for beginners and a very good basse for conversiona dn further work, i cerainly liked the kit and for your money you get a very nice little model
Paracestracion falcifer
Paracestracion falcifer is a prehistoruc genus of bullhead shark from germany,its generally nit that well known,I mean its a very small,pretty unimpressive shark ,maybe thats why there isnt much info tp find of it. It pretty much looked identical to todays bullhead sharks. Like these paracestracion was a bottom feeder feeding of molluscs and crustaceans.
Kentrosaurus aethiopicus
Yes,I draw stegosaurs too XD
Kentrosaurus,one of the best known stegosaurs from the tendaguru formation of jurassic africa. Its a comparatively small stegosaur ,around 5 metres long. Its plates were a combination of plates and spines making it appear sort of like the dinosaur version if a porcupine.
the tyrannosaur project, which has taken 3 years now, is now almost finished, just one or two reworks and overworks to do and then I can finall ystart putting it all together, I am really proud of it and I hope you are just as excited about the results as I am. This will be my masterpiece , I have done so much research,I put so much energy and time into it, I hope the results will please you :D


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