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Yi qi- the  chinese dragon by Teratophoneus
Yi qi- the chinese dragon
Aaand here it is, you didnt think I would waste the chance to draw the most awesome dinosaur find of this year, did you?
 This is yi qi, has the shortes name of any dinsaur, it ranks among the smallest of dinosaurs, and it is the first dinosaur with bat wings, although it couldnt fly , it just could glide.  This has to be the most awesome dinosaur since t-rex, it just looks like a real (albeit small) dragon. I displayed him here in a bat likemanner, hanging from a tree(surprised noone else had the idea to prtray him like that-at least I couldnt find any pics of it like that). I´m not quite sure if yi could do this but the idea was too awesome to waste it.
JP-Expanded Cryolophosaurus by Teratophoneus
JP-Expanded Cryolophosaurus
Name: Cryolophosaurus ellioti
Codnemae: "Elvis"
Length: up to 8 metres
era: early jurassic
Aggressiveness: 60% -AGGRESSIVE
Dangeroousness: 80%  Dangerous

This very interesting theropod was actually pretty early cloned. Its avery brightly coloured animal, with adistinctive head crest that is bigger in males. male cryolophosaurus are up to 8 metres long when fully grown and display  vicious territorial behaviour. They are eycellent runners and can keep running for a long period of time. Their slender bodys help them gettin through dense forests . These animals prefer the colder regions on the islands where they are living. Mild frests are the ideal environment for these animmals. Although cryolophosaurus arent as aggressive as other theropods, they did cause the death of one keeper. The aniamls are coloured orange with blue stripes and  have very sharp and long teeth, ideal for cutting through meat. Their long tail helps them to keep balance when running. They are however nt the brightest animals. Cryolophosaurus has a rather primitive brain  and therefore doesnt live in social groups, they are solitary hunters. Their size makes them  pretty ferocius adversays, although they lack the bulk of other similar sized carnivores, they make up for it with theri speed and agility. Their bite isnt very powerful but their teeth are among the sharpest of any carnivore bred by inGen and they slize through meat like a hot knife through butter. Despite from that not much is known about them, as they are quite stelathy and rare animals in the wild. The  inGen files of this animal have been lost during the evacuation of isla sorna.

Note: The colour scheme is based up on the jp warpath cryolophosaurus. i dont like the colour scheme very much but I have to keep it canonical. I´m also not pleased with the pic itself so it wont be the last jp expanded cryolophosaurus.

Jurassic Park (C) Universal pictures
JP-Expanded Carnotaurus by Teratophoneus
JP-Expanded Carnotaurus
A new image of the second dinosaur I did for the jp expanded series. Pose obvioulsy based on this great…

Name: Carnotaurus satrei
Codename:" Demon"
lenght. 7.5 metres
weight. 1.5 tons
Aggressiveness: 100%
Dangerousness: 100%-EXTREMELY DANGEROUS!!!

This colourful carnivore is one of the most dangerous dinosaurs bred by inGen and certainly one of the most interesting animals in jurassic park. when its ND was exstracted inGen had no idea what they would recreate. Out came an unpredicatble killing machine that is  not only a very fast runner but also the most stealthy predator in the enitre park. Carnotaurus is the only dinosaur bred by inGen that has the ability to camouflage itself like a chameleon. These animals are almost impossible to control and at first they werent set to be featured on nublar not only because it was dangerous but also because they were rarely seen because they like to camouflage themself. Eventually they were put ina dense jungle area where these swift runners can easily navigate through the trees and desen plant life . They have a muscular but very narow body. While they usually venture into the middle of the jungle during the dark to find a resting spot , carnotaurus hunt near the borders of the jungle, where they lie in wait,perfectly camouflaged and the ambush theri prey in a short sprint. They are acutally able to run at 50 kph for a pretty long time but they seem to prefer ambushing their prey. InGen scientists tried to study thee animals but it was very very dangerous. Only during the colder periods of the year, these animals seemed to be less aggressive. While all dinosaurs on Nublar were thought to be fermale bred, ther was actually one carnotaurus male bred and put into the park. This carnotaurus male was the biggest carnotaurus bred, it was 8,2 metres long and very very aggressive. It tried to escape several times and badly mauled 2 keepers. Because of its size, agressiveness and  unpredicatble behaviour this male was named the black devil. Its eyes were said to glow green and the surviving keeper reportedly said that he could see the evil in its eyes. carnotaurus , unlike many other abelisaurs, are sloitary hunters, they sometimes form groups of up to 3 animals but not often, and these groups are very loosely structured. males are bigger and have biger horns.These horns are sometimes used to ram smaller prey.  They also are more aggressive than female carnotaurus. The scientist found out that carnotaurus cange colour dependent on their mood (and of course to hide themself) and they are able to change theri complete body colour in around 5 seconds. while they are able to virtually take on any colour they want to, they  dont react well to sudden changes of the lighting and then have problems camouflaging themself fast enough.During mating season, male carnotaurus produce  pheromone in special gland around theri head to attract a female. during that time, carnotaurus form a pack, which conists of one male and a harem of females. The male will mate with everyone of the females. after that, the pack scatters. young carnotaurus are able to camouflage since birth which they need because their parent dont care for them very long. Carnotaurus have good eyesight and a very well developed sense of smell. They can see in the dark pretty well, although they are daylight hunters. Their urine has a very very strong smell but apart from that the animal doesnt smell which makes it almost impossible for herbivores to notice the animal.Male Carnotaurus eyes are green , while females have yellow eyes. On Isla Nublar , the Carnotaurus got a big paddock that was a little bit different from that of Isla Sorna, with not as much forest but they easily handled that area too due to their camoflage abilities. The Paddock on Islar Nublar is in the mountain area on the island, where it is cooler, so that the females arent as aggressive than in hotter areas. However this hasnt an effect on the males that are as agressive as usual. The Carnotaurus paddock adjoins to the Utahraptor paddock. EvenUtahraptors have respect of Carnotaurus, so they seldom walk along the fence side, where their fence adjoins the one of the Carnotaurus. Carnotaurus roar can be heard from far away and is often compared to that of a lion , just louder and deeper , by Ingen scientists. Because of that, Hammond planned to built a hotel for visitors near to te paddock, to give the visitors the ultimate kick. The planners even found a solution for the camouflage problem: The jeeps that make tours had a heatseeking gadget, with with the visitors could locate the camouflaged Carnotaurus. Although , the scientists said it would be too dangerous to move carnotaurus to isla nublar, and that the 8 Carnotaurus that were breed, should be kept on Isla Sorna for research and not as a attraction, Hammond gave green light to bring 5 Carnotaurus, 2 males and 3 females to the park on Isla Nublar. Hammond himself wanted that 2 of them be males, so the inGen genetics didnt "form" them as females like the other dinosaurs of jp 3, but breed them as normal animals. These two males were the only Jurassic Park dinosaurs that werent asexual. Hammond wante the two male, because he wanted to show his visitors some dinosaur fights. However, one of the males was badly injured during one fight, so Hammond decided to take this one back to Isla Sorna where his wounds would heal. After that, hedecided to keep only one male on Nublar. This big male was the Black Devil. With the destruction of the fences on nublar during the 1993 events and the hurricane, the carnotaurus were set free to roam the island. When it was decided to make nublar into a  park again, a hunting party was brough to nublar to capture all the dinosaurs(this was imagined to bemuch cheaper than cloning them all again). During that, all Carnotaurus except one female was caught, which however cost one hunter his life.What happened to the third female remains unknown.Rumours have it that it still wander the island unchecked even tho the  park is set to open in june. however these claims have been dismissed by the park managers.  The 4 animals , including the black devil, currently reside ona  secret island until a new paddock has been made for them as they are going to be included in the park.Recent studies has shown that the population of Carnotaurus on Isla Sorna is stable and that they are one of the top predators there. As the scientific community got wind of the carnotaurus´camouflage abilities they were very sceptic and suggested, that the camouflage abilities had been arose out of a mix between carnotaurus and chamaeleon DNA but inGen documents disproved that theory.

Jurassic Park (C) Universal pictures
JP-Expanded Canyon Tyrannosaurus by Teratophoneus
JP-Expanded Canyon Tyrannosaurus
Name: Tyrannosaurus rex sp.
Codename: "Canyon rex"
length. 10 metres
weight: 5 tonnes
aggressiveness. 100%
dangerousness : 100%

The canyone rex is a natural occuring breed of tyrannosaur. this dinosaur was not bred by inGen but has developed into an own supspecies of tyrannosaurus in the wild They are only found on site C, called tyrannosaur island. Canyon rexes live in the rocky canyons there as their names suggest and dont wanderr into the planes and jungle areas were the normal t rexes live. Visually they look like normal t rexes, although they are much brighter coloured, they have a grey body with black stripes and dots, the stripes beeing surronded with a red -orange band and a black stripe running along the side. All canyon rexes seem to have green eyes. Canyon rexes also stay a bit smaller than normal rexes, they are only 10 metres long. it is though that the canyon t rex has developed from a small group of comparatively small rexes, as small tyrannosaurus individuals usually avoid the areas of the bigger individuals which are the jungles and open plains of the island. This would explain their "miniature" size compared to normal tyrannosaurus individuals.  Canyone tyrannosaurs are not very common but they seem to have a stable population. The canyons are very rocky and although small forest surround the huge midland canyon, not that many dinosaurs venture there, its usually pachycephalosaurs and ceratopsians that have made their home in these regions and these seem to be the favourite prey item for canyon rexes. Their smaller stature means they are much more able to navigate trough narrow canyon passages . there is not muhc known about theri social life but they seem to be  territorial and dont live in groups or families. They are solitary animals  and despite their bright colouration they arent spotted that easily in the white orange stone canyons.  InGen research has shown that canyon rexes are the descendants of a very small group of t-rexes, not more than 5 individuals. it is possible that these individuals were the first 5 animals bred in 1973 . These were a little bit smaller than later rexes. Despite their smaller size they are just as ferocious as normal t rexes and just as dangerous. Due to their lighter weight they are a slo a bit faster than their big brothers. Both sexes have identical colouration. Its interesting how fast this subspecies has developed, in just about 30 years this subspecies must have developed. The mix with frog dna might have resulted in a faster mutation rate which could explain the quick development of the canyon rex
Canyon rexes are not set to be put into any of the future parks . Scientists have recently ben sent to site C to investigate the local environment and special interest has ben taken into the canyon rex. it is thought that the expedition will reveal more information about this amazing predator. The canyon rex is so far the only subspecies of tyrannosaur found in the wild anywhere.

Jurassic Park (C) Universal pictures

The idea for this pic came from hellraptor, who did a pic of the canony rex toy…
Bistahieversor sealeyi by Teratophoneus
Bistahieversor sealeyi
Bistahieversor is one of dinosaurs I really like but I have always trouble drawing them for some reason. This try here turned out really great, I dont now if this will be the final version for the tyrannosaur project but for now I am very pleased with the result. Bistahieversor was a very big tyrannosaur that lived much earler than t rex. it had a massive 1 metre long skull with huge sharp teeth.  It belongs to the tyrannosaurine tribe of tyrannosaurs
The tyrannosaur project is still on its way and I hope to finish the final chart this year. I would focus my attention to this project but the advent of jurassic world has changed my focus to  the jp expanded series for the moment. However there is a new series I am planning: the giant croc series. Similar to the tyrannosaur project this will be a chart of the most gigantic crocs ever to roam the earth, it will include pics of deinosuchus, sarcosuchus purussaurus and stuff, but also some very very unknown species like piscogavialis and stuff.


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Skin of choice: Feathers hairs and of course scales
Favourite cartoon character: annoying orange, Kitty katswell
Personal Quote: T rex rules!

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