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Atractosteus africanus by Teratophoneus
Atractosteus africanus
Alligator gars are some of my favourite fishes along with the piraiba and goonch catfish, Atractosteus africanus was a big prehistoric species of gar, around the same size as alligator gars which can get huge. I was obviouly insired by recent reconstruction<da:thumb id="477331906"> of this animal and also inspired by whatching jeremy wades fantastic river monster series which I love to whatch.
Its not a perfect pic but I like it
Fiat CR-42 Falco by Teratophoneus
Fiat CR-42 Falco
Backround: The successor to the famous cr32 biplane which earned a legendary repurtation during the spanish civil war, the cr 42 was even better . It featured surprisingly high speed for a biplane (444 kph) , excellent maneuverability , a powerful and reliable engine and surprisingly heavy armament for a biplane (although higher calibre, the 2 breda safat 12,7mm machine guns had pretty low rate of fire and muzzle velocity than the contemperous 12,7mm mgs and the 7,7mm machine guns the otehr biplanes of the time used). The alfa romeo engine produced 1000 hp . The aircraft obvooulsy comes from italy. It also had decent dive performance. Pilots lovedd the aircraft and praised its speed and agility. The aircraft saw extensive service in the spanish civil war and was also used in the battle of britain as well as in the mediterranean where it proofed very effective and deadly. Although normally no match for a spitfire under normal circumstances the aircrafts excellent performance enabled it to get the upper hand in a dogfight. Allied pilots respected the aircraft a lot and called the falco  a pretty difficult enemy . When lured into turn fights, single engine fighter had no chance against the agile dogfighter . On the eastern fron falcos also saw extensive service in the early years where they were extremely successful agaisnt the older soviet fighters like the i 15 biplane which was no match for the falco. The biggest enemy on the easrtern front probably was the i 153 biplane which was a pretty even match for the falco.  As the war progressed and biplanes became more and more obsolete, falco squadron were reequipped with more modern fighters like the mc 202. Despite this they sometimes found theirself into dogfights up until 1944 where a cr 42 flight despite suffering heavy losses recorded the probably last biplaen kill in history as a cr 42 downed an enemy p 38 lightning, a fighter more than 200 kph faster than the little falco. Falcos also saw service as night fighters with the italians and till the wars end , Falcos where used as anti partisan-, night harassment- and light ground attack aircrafts. The Falco is considered the last and one of thebest of the biplane generation , in an era where modern monowing fighters  had took the upper ahnd, the falco still was a plane to be reckoned with,a  reliable aircraft that was praised and loved by its crews

The Model: A Italeri (what a coincidence-italian plane ;)) model kit in 1/48 scale, cost me 18€ which is a pretty good price for such a kit.
DETAIL:Very good actually, better than you would exspect from Italeri. The engine is extrememly well done with all its details and also the cockpit looks good,its a pretty well detailed kit OOB
Quality: Very good quality, I found no issues
fitting: Pretty good , although the cowling and the struts gave me some problems
Decals: Very good, very colourful, the kit contains decals for i think 6 falcos, all flown by aces and the yhave pretty damn good quality
Extras: An amazing aircraft, I love the falco, I think its an absolute gem in terms of appearence, Italy surely had some damn nice aircraft and the falco is one of them, I love this aircraft and I am so glad I finally one one as a model, the kit was  a lot of fun to built and paint and its also the first kit I built not at home but when I was at proffessional school which is over 100 km away from where I usually assemble my kits.
I love the kit, I give
***** extrapoints
Result: An absolute gem of a kit, I love how it came out, The kit is pretty cheap and offers exceptional overall quality and detail, there also exists a tamyia kit in the same scale but it costs almost twice as mutch and I dont think its much better than this one. This kit is fantastic and highly recommended, however be aware that its a biplane kit and as such can be tricky to assemble whwn it comes to the wings so some experience helps.
Still, an absolute must for any wwii italianwarbird fan, Italeri has done a great job on what is probably the best biplane fighter aircraft in history
Panzerkampfwagen VII Loewe by Teratophoneus
Panzerkampfwagen VII Loewe
Backround: Designed as a follow on to the tiger, The Panzerkampfwagen VII Löwe  was  a very heavy tank that was supposed to weigh 90 tons!. The  tank only existed on paper as it was dropped in 1942 in favour of the Maus super heavy tank. There were 2 versions, the leichter Löwe with a rear mounted turret and the heavy löwe which you see here. Frontal armour was set to be 140mm at the hull and 120 at th rear. Armament was a 105mm gun, maybe the kwk 46 , but i have also read once that it was set to carry a 150mm gun. The layout was similar to the king tiger , the suspension was almost identical except the KT had narrower tracks. Interestingly enough, despite the löwe beeing over 20 tons heavier, its armour was less thick than the king tiger which had 150mm of frontal hull armor adn 180mm of front turret armour.

The kit: This kit is from Pegasus hobby and I so wanted to have it because although it was never built, the Löwe is in my opinion the most beautiful tank ever designed, I love how it looks, its amazing. This kit is the only kit of the Löwe available that I have encounteered. It is damn expensive, costing 65 € but so worth it.
Detail: Amazing, everything is well detailed, we dont have an interior but the rest is perfect, the tracks can move even tough they are single piece tracks ( however they are so damn difficult to glue I just couldnt get them right and ended up gluing them togehter), the viewports are made of clear parts which is awesome  and the whole surface detail is amazing
Quality: An excellent kit, no flash, the kit is very very good in terms of quality
Fitting: The kit fits very very well together, comparable to many tamyia and hasegawa kits
Decals: As it never made it into combat or even prototype stage you can pretty much decal it as you want, thekit comes with standard german tank decals which is nice, the decals are of perfect quality
Extras: I adore this tank, I absolutely love it, and I so wanted this kit, now I have it and I am very impressed, a really  really good kit with nice functions like the movable tracks and rotating turret. Another cool thing are many photo etched parts and a metal gun which however is so heavy that you cant position it horizontally because the gun can be elevated and it will constantly "look down" because of the heavy metal barrel, however there is a plastic barrel also included.
REesult: What an amazing kit, I love it and its definetely worth its prize, I had so much fun assembling this beast of tank (it is quite big) and I can really recommend this to expereinced modeller( because of the tracks its not that easy for a beginner, even I couldnt make them movable). One of the best tank kits I did this year, I love the result
Kawasaki Ki-45 Hei Toryu by Teratophoneus
Kawasaki Ki-45 Hei Toryu
Backround: One of my favoruite aircraft of WWII is the japanese ki 45 toryu heavy fighter. The development of heavy fighters in europe went not unnoticed by the japanese high command. Therefore the army air force requested a similar aircraft of the bf 110 type call destroyer aircraft. The Kawasaki company answered with the ki 45, a heavy fighter with twin radial engines . The first version had so many teething problems and performed so unsatifactorly that the design was rejected and the whole aircraft was overwroked. The second version, the ki 45 KAI finally showed the expected performance. The first model, the ki 45 KAI ko was relatively lightly armed for  a heavy fighter with only one 20mm cannon and 2 12.7 mm machine guns. This aircraft had a search light in the nose. The second variant, the otsu replaced the machine guns with a 20mm cannon and the 20mm in the belly with a massive hand loaded 37mm tank gun. While it had devastating firepower, the rate of fire of the 37mm was pretty bad. The next version was the ki 45 hei which set the 37mm in the nose and the 20mm in the belly. The 37mm was a ho 203 auto loading cannon which had better rpm. 15 shots where carried for the 37mm with 100 for the 20mm. A single 7,7mm machine gun was featuerd in the rear seat as defensive armament on all ki 45s. The last version was the tei whoch reverted to a single nose mounted ho 203 cannon and twin 20mm cannons firing upward similar ot the german schräge musik style. The tei was alo equipped with bomb racks for 2 250 kg bombs. Thiss type was heavily used in the anti shipping role. From the start the ki 45 performed unsatisfacorly as a pure fighter against single engine fighters and in the first days they suffered pretty heavy losses when confronted agaisnt p40s of the flying tigers. Although the aircraft was incredibly smal for a heavy fighter and displayed pretty good maneuverability for a heavy fighter, it was still no macth for a single engine single seat fighter. However, the ki 45 matured into an incredibly effective interceptor , similar to the bf 110 in europe. The extremely heavy armament enabled the toryu (dragon slayer) to kill a heavy bomber with one shot. Although hampered by a lack of turbosupercharger and not that reat climb performacne, it prooved deadly and many ki 45 units had large numbers of bomber kills under their belly. The dual upward firing cannons of the tei, enabled this type to shoot at bombers from below which mean the aircraft didnt have to climb that high and didnt have to catch the bomber ( one flyby was enough to get some rounds into the enemy and do some damage) while also minimating the chance of defensive fire from the bomber. The top speed was similar to that of the bf 110. Ki 45s saw great amount of action when america began with its bombing campaign and ki 45 units quickly became one of the most important interceptor forces of the japanese high command. However with the americna switch to night bombing and the arrival of lang rane escort fighters, the ki 45s were less effective . Soem toryus were even used in kamikaze attacks.  In the ground attack role the ki 45 proofed also pretty effective due to its sturdy airframe  and heavy armament. In the ground attack role the ki 45 was set to be replaced by the ki 102 randy heavy fighter which featured a massive 57mm cannon adn twin 20mm in its ground attack version. As a fighter the ki 83 would probably have replaced the ki 45 but only 3 were made. The ki 102 was a further developmetn of the ki 96 which itself was largely based on the ki 45 but with stronger engines, airframe and armament as well as the ki 96 beeing a single seater ( the ki 102 was agan a twin seater). Today one incomlete ki 45 survived in ana american museum, its a tei type.

The model. A 1/48 scale hasegawa kit. It cost around 45 € and is available in different version, my model online store only has the hei version( one with the short nose which is shown here and the (in my opinion) even better looking long,sharp nosed variant-however the sgarp nosed seems always sold out when I want to have it -.-)
Detail: very good, the cockpit is well detailed as is the landing gear and the landing gear bays. The surface detail is neat and the paint grips perfectly on it which is why I love to paint hasegawa models.
Quality: Although it is not the newest kit anymore the quality is excellent with perfectly clear and thing canopy parts and no flash whatsoever.
Fitting: pretty good, only the wing roots had some small seams

decals: Very good, they are very very good actually. The quality is excellent and although I hate how they sometimes rip so easily, the ones here weernt really a problem
Etrapoints: It truely is an amazing aircraft, one of my favourite ones and the kit is the best ki45 on the market. I love it to bits, this kit is amazing
Result: A perfect little kit, despite 1/48 its surprinsingly small(it really was a small heavy fighter-even a p 38 is bigger !). Its easy to assemble, has great detial and fantastic quality as well as nice decals and a cool paint scheme( which you better do by brushpainting, even my fine airbrush wouldnt have been able to do such filigrane lines)A massively recommended kit.

Deinonychus antirrhopus by Teratophoneus
Deinonychus antirrhopus
Deinonychus, one of the best known dromaeosaurs. Yes there are probably some inaccuracies but keep them please to yourself, there are so many good artists with awesome pics and so many seem to enjoy pointing out the smallest inaccuracies and just dont care about how the pic looks as a whole. Accuracyand stuff is good but dont forget that this is also about art, the term paleo art is expresses that one part is art and that is sth we shouldnt forget. Why am I saying this right now?-mainy because dromaeosaur pics that have the smalles inaccuracies get hated a lot ,at least tats what I have experienced with pics made by some friends of mine
thats right, guys, I´m back; after almost a year now, I´ve returned, finally with a new scanner, and a new PC. I´m sorry it took so long but now I´m back to post more awesome pics, and boy, I have lots of em. During my absence, lots of things happened-too many to post em and share them with you people, but I never forgot about all of you and I´m glad I´m back here :)


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